Macys - Horrible first day, i quit.

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I go in for my first day on work 20 minutes ahead, I was greeted by Scott and he told me where to go and what to ask.I walk up to the counter and none of the three employees knew I was coming or that they had to “help” me.

I go to log in and I don’t know my pin number because Human resource never told me how to set it up. So I head across the mall to Human resource and it was a simple fix and everything was okay. I go back up and I am ready to start, even though no one knew what I should do, but two women helped me. This was my first job in retail so I don’t know much but I understood how to do the cash register and talk to people.

Next thing I know I am being attacked by my coworker who is an elderly women, because “it is ridiculous” I don’t know where they security tags where. The customer was nice and another employee me where to check. After the customer leave the coworker comes back and makes a smart remark “I’m glad you looked for the tags”. I honestly did check and I never done this before.

I was told by many people at Macys that you will learn hands on and make mistakes. This made me really upset being attacked out of nowhere because it’s my first day! Then it all went downhill from there. Now all the employees are frustrated with me because I don’t know what to do, because no one showed me.

The Human resources called me down to finish training. After watching a 16 minute video for probably the 5th time it was still not fixed and no one in human resources knew what to do and sent me on my way and told me to come back. I will not be returning to Macys and I will be telling everyone my experience and telling them to no longer shop at Macys in lakeside mall. Macys is supposed to be built on team work and “Magic” and that was the complete opposite of my experience.

I walked out the mall and didn’t look back because how I was treated was unbelievable. I had no one to help me train, my department manager didn’t care, horribly rude employees. Thank you for your time at Macys, Everyone in Human resources was great and helped a lot. My department was the complete opposite and I hope you guys can look into it and figure out was it wrong.

I was even told by another employee to stay away from the women side of Macys because it is nothing but drama and rude women.

There no way to contact anyone about hours or how to take time off, they don’t work around your needs.No one wanted to train me or take the time for me, even the manager showed lack of care.

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226 of 679 Macys Reviews
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Oct 19, 2014

I realize this is old but need to comment for future new employees who stumble upon this thread. Macy's is a terrible place to work. The culture there is terrible, particularly with the management. I stay because my particular part time position is the ultimate in flexibility and I need a once a week kind of side job. Here is what I say to every new employee: "This company arguably has the worst training of any place you could ever work. You will not know how to do your job, and you will be left alone in a department on a one day sale as a new person. They don't care. It's not you, it is the company. Most employees here are nice, and have been through this whole process. Ask all the questions you need, because we understand and managers here will not help you. Managers will come up to you and yell at you for not doing something you were not aware of or were never taught how to do. Don't get mad or offended, and just ignore them. The managers here are useless and the worst people you will encounter. As a part timer, you cannot get fired from this job unless you steal or lose attendance points, so just don't worry about it. Here is my number in X department if you need any help, and so and so is over there and will happily help you. Ask for anything you need." You won't believe how many new employees and holiday help smile and hug me after that. It's just a company with a terrible workplace culture. Only the lowest caliber of people get promoted to management.

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Jun 18, 2014

I would not have let one old hag run me off from a job. I would have gone to HR (since you say they were nice) and explained that I needed someone with patience and professionalism to help me. You should have at least given it a chance. Working one day is not giving something a chance. You could have given it 2 weeks and still have been applying for other jobs during your off-time, as a back-up plan. It sounds like from what you wrote that perhaps the 'attacking co-worker' made her remarks in front of a customer? That is unacceptable. I was in Belks one time and an old hag employee was absolutely nasty to a teenage employee that was trying to process my refund. The young employee apologized, explaining it was her 3rd day at work. In front of me, the customer, the hag asked him if he even had a brain. I put her promptly in her place and then went straight to customer service to request the store manager, where I made a complaint against her unprofessional and harassing behaviour. My point is, if this picking on you was done in front of the customer, you should have definitely let HR know. Actually, once you decided you would not be returning, you should have told HR that you expected to learn on-the-job training and not to be subjected to bullying from impatient, obviously burned out co-workers.

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First Born Triplet

Jun 18, 2014 Markham, Ontario

You are upset because one person was rude to you, bet if you stuck around you would have found that she is like that to everyone.

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Jun 17, 2014 San Diego, California

I just had my first day at Macy's and I totally understand what you mean. My manager couldn't help me understand in how to manage my schedule. I was teamed uo with this insolent girl who just didn't teach me anything and I was so scred of attending my first customer, because in training they don't show you everything! Luckily later during the day I was teamed with this girl who helped me sooooo much! I was lucky, but I completely understand what you went through :(

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Sep 23, 2013 Charlotte, North Carolina

If this is the way you handle a little bit of newbie frustration at your job, you will have a long life of short term dead end jobs.

When you start a new job, you have to have enormous patience and ask questions, and SHOW you want to learn. You go to your supervisor and ask for help; if one co-worker is rude then you find someone else to help you.

AND at Macy's, if you completed your required training, you would have taken THREE courses about MSP, which tells you everything you need to know "about hours or how to take time off" including setting up your availability and preferred availability in the system so your schedule could be generated off those parameters. It takes a few weeks for those parameters to show up in your schedule so the first few weeks are rather pieced-together until MSP starts generating that schedule. But again, you walked off the job with no notice and left it all in the floor.

Oh well. :?

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Nov 10, 2014

I know exactly how she, my first day at Macy's was just like that and I decided to stick it out and what happens things got worse through the months. Macy's dose not properly train anyone and the managers are always at lunch or assisting a customer.But here it is ayear and iI have no new job so I'm stuck at Macy's

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Aug 11, 2013 Vancouver, Washington

Sounds like you need to grow up and stop expecting people to spoon feed you! I second the comment, "I'm glad you quit...." All new jobs are frustrating, but you never even gave this job a chance. The employer wasted a lot of money hiring you whether you realize it or not. And why are you already complaining about there not being anyone to ask how to take time off? Loser!!!

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Aug 10, 2013 Spring, Texas

I'm glad you quit. If you had an attitude like that your FIRST DAY of work, I sure wouldn't want you to check me out. :eek

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Aug 12, 2013 Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Are you both delusional? What "attitude" are you referring to? The fact that she expected to be helped and TRAINED as a new employee? Apparently wanting some direction means she expected to be "spoon fed". I find both your comments rude and ridiculous.

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Aug 10, 2013

What in the holy *** did you just type?

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