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Macys - My Schedule Plus!!!

Company Macys
Location Seattle, Washington
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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As an employee of Macy's I have recently been introduced to MySchedulePLUS.IT IS AN INSTRUMENT OF TORTURE!

We used to have a core schedule that worked for all employees and we could plan our lives and take care of our families. Now we do not know from week to week what days or times our shifts are and they are never convenient and never make sense. It makes me want to Quit!

Also magic selling and scorecards are a joke and based on negativity and they don't help or work.They are just designed to make a few execs in New York look good and only hurt employees and customers. 30b5e59

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Aug 18, 2013  from San Francisco, California
I sypathize with all of you that have worked for the unscrupulous company that is Macys. :sigh . I had worked for Macy's for years and had I known what the reality of working their was, I probably never would have started working there. Yet like most people I desperately needed a job and I always enjoyed shopping at Macy's. So I figured I'd try it. My coworkers, managers, and the friendly customers are for the most part the only reason I stayed. I sometimes really enjoyed my time there. However there are somethings that Macy's allows that is just objectionable.
They push for the sales associates to get credits which we dont need to be harrassed constanlty for- we get it we need to get credit for Macys because it benefits the company. However most customers have a Macys card and harrassing customers is not a good way to promote customer loyalty. But my main issue was that sales associate are essentially punished if their customer returns merchandise. Sales Associates can come in with negative sales goals because a customer returns something. That is just unfair. :sigh I ask you, How is it the sales associates fault if ,the customer needs the money back, customer decided they dont need/want the merchandise, or some other issue? Just start the sales goal at zero and dont make the sales associate stress over that which is beyond their control.
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Aug 12, 2013  from Berlin, Berlin
I would like to send a bouquet to JEAN, in the clothing department (recently at the Hilfiger register) at Macy's in Manhattan. She is helpful, cheerful, smart, and a perfect example of an employee you should not lose. :)
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Jul 20, 2013  from Houston, Texas
Experience does not = higher hourly pay.full time or part time is for a select few. who do they choose to get the less than part time hours? those with family and travel expenses.
who can survive off of 3-8 hrs? they don't tell you the truth you find out when your on the schedule.MSP is not working for employees. treating people unfairly if you pick up shifts.....

so called department supervisors that are not really in leadership. they don't get paid more and are just a scapegoat for HIGH paid "real" managers. You will most likely not get a raise in a year or whatever else they promise you. I have seen these things happen......very sad :cry very high turnover rate. I am sure they get their tax credits also.

Macys has helped to bring down the economy forcing people into poverty.

TRAINING. what is that? :p
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Jul 14, 2013  from Usak, Usak
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Jul 01, 2013 
As other people have commented, MSP is really just a way for management to cut costs by making sick leave/PTO basically disappear for most Macy's associates. It also allows the company to increasingly rely on cheap part timers. For customers this translates to shopping in a store where most of the associates don't really know the products they're trying to sell. At all.

The sad reality is that this is the new normal for service jobs in America. Working for Macy's is, qualitatively, not any different than working for WalMart. MSP, the Scorecard and the point system are all techniques for employee disempowerment, no matter how management tries to spin these as positive developments.

Training at Macy's is a computer-based joke, because the company would rather hire part time employees to keep benefit costs down than invest in people. Of course, this is not true of corporate employees.

The reality is that employee feedback falls on deaf ears. It's sad, because there are countless cases of companies who treat employees well and subsequently increase their profits. Macy's chooses to go the low route, and I believe will pay the price in the long run.
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May 17, 2013  from Beaverton, Oregon
Everyone needs to report to their managers if they do not like the way things are run and ask them to speak to their bosses at company meetings and hopefully they will address your concerns.
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May 14, 2013  from Raleigh, North Carolina
I am employed at Macy's as a Sales Manager and I feel the associates pain. I know MSP was a politically correct way to help the company save money and rob the associates of the benefits they truly deserve i.e. paid time off, medical and dental benefits etc. What the company expects from them is insurmountable for the wages earned. I believed that Macy's was Americas favorite department store and amongst the Elite however I now see we are merely a notch above Kmart ! and Kmart sucks!!!

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May 05, 2013  from New York City, New York
Msp is a disaster. Our store is one of the last store getting it and we all agree with the disaster that it is. Magic selling and score cards are a pure joke design to exploit, control, and manipulate employee. The sales goals are impossible to reach, it is soo stressing. Leaving by the end of summer.
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Apr 26, 2013  from Cranston, Rhode Island
my work macy county joe rocchio lee joke sister county kid macys.
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Apr 06, 2013  from Richardson, Texas
This is so simple.If you do not like the system that MACYS has adopted "Leave" AND GO ELSE WEAR no one is "Forcing You To Stay".Some people just like to "Complain" all the time.Macys is not going to "Work Around Your Schedule" nor "Work around your family's "Schedule".It is your responsibility to make sure that your family is in "Tack".What Company allow's you to work your own "Schedule" to fit your own "Need's".If you do not get enough "Hours",It is probably because of your "Complaining So Much".Work with management and Management will work with you."
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May 17, 2013  from Princeton, Illinois
You obviously don't know what MSP is and are not an employee of Macy's, your comment is irrelevant. We do not get our hours cut for complaining, the system does it on its own and still to this day has many glitches and error. Aside from not complaining, you should also not comment on things you know nothing about, and if you do, explain yourself better.
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Jun 07, 2013 
Well aren't you obviously a pissed little manager of Macy's who is tired of her employees complaining about the new schedules. You're abusing the use of quotation marks too. You can't just put into quotes anything you mean to stress. That's what ALL-CAPS is for.
Please don a suit that forces you to inhale your own "***" instead of letting everyone else smell/see "Them"! lol
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Jul 11, 2013  from Miami, Florida
Cute... Yes, because in a crappy economy; it is really just easy to leave one's job. No, sorry; a lot of people working for Macy's are working there to put food on the table. The reason why hours are not at what they are supposed to be is because they purposely choose lesser hours in order to reduce benefits and paid time off options. Stop talking if you do not know about that which you speak of.
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Jul 15, 2013  from Evansville, Indiana
I worked at Macy's, and it was open availability to change hours. My hours never changed
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Jul 16, 2013 
Macys MSP is an unmitigated disaster. Every aspect of it. We find too many employees on the floor when we least need them; and not enough when we do. Part-time employees who were assured they'd have more than enough hours to pick up, do not find them. There is no reliabilty regarding coverage and this goes to customer service. When, in order for a "regular" employee to take her State mandated lunch, an associate from Swim must come in to relieve her ... there is no one with ANY product knowledge left on the floor. Also, when one associate is left with an entire department to run, it is expecting that individual to do the work of as many as 4 people. The compensation is NOT comensurate with the work. Remember, most departments no long enjoy commission. When YOU accuse the employee of "complaining too much," get your probabilities in line. Finally, for some of us ... we've been with the company for a very long time. We do not want to change jobs. Perhaps we life what we do and only want the company to fix a very flawed system.
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Jul 24, 2013 
You have terrible "SPELLING" and "GRAMMAR".
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Dec 06, 2013 
A) you're a shill or B) you've never workef in retail or C) you never worked in retail when it was still a good job. I worked at Marshall Fields when Target owned us and it was a solid, rewarding career. When Macys bought us, the store went to ***, hr became a joke, any kind of reasonable employee benifit evaporated and our pay went down, not up. As for new hires, lets put it this way. Before Macy, I was one of several ppl in the dept working on or who had a college degree...now? I'm the only white guy in the store in a tie. MSP, I get the idea, but it's just another mask for the misery that woeking for Macys has become.
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Apr 21 
I have a very different experience than most people commenting. I really enjoy the store I'm at. I feel like my managers listen to me and have not had a problem when needing time off. The scheduling system for me is great. I can however see how problems can arise and fairness may not always be in play, but overall this is the best retail job I've had.
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Mar 15, 2013  from Rochester, New York
The MSP system is a nightmare from *** and it serves NO purpose other than to put selling associates in a constant frazzle.The problem is some big shot at Macys decided to spend millions to buy this system and now they don't have the sense to admit they made a huge mistake-so all the associates are stuck with it. I guarantee the bigshot who put the MSP system in place at Macys does not work a MSP schedule himself.If any Macys exec would actually see what that hellish schedule is like for themselves they would get rid of it.I would love to know what the employee turnover rate is for Macys compared to other stores as well as see if customer survey ratings have gone up or down since Macys started using My Schedule Plus. I was in Retail for many years before working for Macys and I know there are always some employees who like to work nights because that way their spouse can watch the kids or some that ONLY want to work weekends because they have another job etc. With the MSP -forget it-none of those people can work for Macys-Macys expects their employees-even the part-time employees -to have no life AT ALL outside of Macys.No Tuesday night book club-no making Doctor appts more than 2 weeks in advance- no taking kids to soccer on Wednesdays. Macys tells you that you can switch with another associate-yes ,you can -in theory. In actuality? forget it.And the Macys "point system" is just a method for robbing employees of their vacation time/personal days.What's really annoying... Show more
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May 17, 2013  from Beaverton, Oregon
Many companies in america are having a hard time and have been for a long time, we need to work together to fix problems we do not like. Humans have a hard time with this, most places I have worked have had problems of the ones you have mentioned or similar.
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