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this is my second time with very poor service and rudeness, with miss Joan in your perfume dept., the first I talked to A store G.M., but i had a feeling nothing was going to be said by him, he never ask my name or phone number, so this time i decided to e-mail macys. The first time she in volved her self with something that took place between me and another customer, something minor, made it her business to rolled her eyes at me, threw my bag on the counter aaaaand kept expressing herself rudley, no thank you.

the second I didnot see anyone at jewlery so I asked her if she can check me out, she said plain NO, with a bad expression again, and then says there is some one in jewlery and walked away to talk to another associate, this lady, should be in your stock area away from P.R. thank you maria Andujar

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I barely understand your English here, but if you claim someone was SO rude to you.....WHY did you go back to her again to ring you up??? And there is ALWAYS someone working in jewelry as we are not allowed to leave that area unattended for security purposes. Sounds like you were trying to purposefully give this associate a hard time.

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