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We purchased a Bernhardt leather sofa, chair ottoman and other furniture 7-8 years ago. The furniture was in a room that was rarely used. We moved recently and began using the furniture. It started to peel. When we purchased this furniture we were told it was leather-NOT bonded. It was very expensive, but we planned to use it for many, many years since it was 'leather'. We purchased the extended warranty-Worry No More! All of those records were verified via your microfiche records.

We have made numerous calls to Macy's customer service. They told us our furniture was out of warranty and nothing could be done.

My issue is that (1) I was misled regarding the furniture being leather. This is not acceptable. I was also misled regarding the Worry No More warranty.

Your company has always been one I thought of when I was ready to make a large purchase, however I could not be more disappointed. If this was furniture that was abused, I could understand. We rarely used the furniture for the first few years.

I have seen numerous complaints about this exact same product. I've spent a lot of money over the years on furniture from Macy's. This is not a small problem with the Bernhardt items.

I know that your company has stated that there was nothing that could be done. This is not acceptable.

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The same thing happened to us in North Carolina for the price we paid Boyles Furniture would not back it up and so far we've had no luck with Bernhardt. It looks hideous and we paid a great deal of money for it did you ever get satisfaction from Macy's or Bernhardt?


This is terrible that this happened to you. I'd be pissed also.

But honestly, this retail giant (almost going bankrupt) does train its employees to furbish stories about their products. Just like we are told to force customers to apply for Macy's cards & tell them it won't hurt their credit & fail to mention the 24 25% fee on it. As my employer, I am embarrassed to work for such a dishonest company. I am looking for employment elsewhere as I cannot live my life this way anymore.

The managers try to make us feel better by telling us it's the customers fault for not "looking into the credit card info" on their own before applying which makes me cringe every time I hear it!

The company's on it's last leg (for obvious reasons! ) and we can only hope it happens sooner than later :(

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