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I signed-up for a Macy's credit card because they offered me 40% off of my purchase. I don't usually sign-up for store credit but the discount was too big to resist. The offer turned out to be a lie - an additional 20% reduction off an amount already reduced 20%. Cashier didn't understand my logic, though. She said 20 + 20 equals 40.

Anyways, I was approved for the credit and made my first and only purchase on 7/21. Yesterday, 8/8, I registered the credit card they sent me on MyStarRewards.com. I registered so I could confirm the additional 20% reduction. While on the webpage, I saw that a statement had already been created and that my payment for the clothes purchased on 7/21 was due 8/21.

Rather than starting my billing cycle on the date of first purchase like all other credit companies, they ended my cycle on the date of purchase. The statement said that I had 30 days in my billing cycle, which means that, according to Macy's, my billing cycle started in June before I had the credit card. Genuis, right?

What makes me mad is that I never received a paper statement in the mail. I, like so many others out there, assumed that my billing cycle would start on 7/21 and end somewhere around 8/21. If I hadn't logged on to website and enrolled in paperless statements, I would've continued to wait until AFTER 8/21 for my statement and would've acrued 24% interest.

Sheisty, very sheisty. Especially to those people out there who aren't technologically inclined and prefer receiving mail rather than paperless statements.

I urge all of you reading this to beware of Macy's credit practices and store credit card in general. I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of practice is illegal and I plan to contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a formal complaint.

Review about: Macys Cashier.

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I will NEVER make a purchase on this card again! I returned something that I had bought with this card and the return was never credited to my account.

I called and gave customer service and gave them my receipt number for the return transaction and they said that they couldn't help me even though they admitted that they could verify the transaction. Now, I'm not only stuck paying for this item, but I am also stuck paying the interest on it even though I returned it two months ago! Are you kidding me?!

HORRIBLE customer service! I've never had an experience as bad as this.


Paid my bill and my son paid his bill on time last month. Now they are calling saying we didn't pay!!

Very suspicious, especially when I tried several times to call today and they can't answer phones due to high call volume.

How many other payments were not recorded? We will both pay off our cards, close accounts, and never shop at macys again.


I will never use my Macy's credit card..the most horrible custimer service I received...Their online payment system was down, with a new baby, i couldn't drive to the store to pay, phone payment was too long and busy whic made me miss a payment and ruined my credit..too bad they don't want to help! Never Never never!


Worst credit card ever. Terrible customer service.

After I thought I had paid my balance in full I was billed $2 for interest but never received a bill for it. Apparently I missed 4 payments for this $2 balance that I didn't know existed. I closed the account as soon as I learned of this and will not be opening a Macy's account at any point in the near future.

There are tons of much better cards available anyway - why settle for a *** card.

to Anonymous Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1233411

They have done the same thing to me. I closed my account the previous month paying the total balance off.

I got v a bill today from them for $2.00. Not interested, just a ridiculous fee. I will try to close this mess once & for all, or else I will file a formal com0laint with the BBC. Don't get involved with their credit card system.

They will try to rob you blind . People need to file a class action suit against these criminals.

to Anonymous Tacoma, Washington, United States #1327028

That is how they make their money. They scam customers out of it.

If you pay your card on the "due date" you'll get the $2 charge because their headquarters runs on Eastern time. Everyone yells at us employees about this daily, but Macy's gives us no way of fixing this since the customer's card info is private.


I've been a Macy's customer for years and have their AMEX card as well. Never had a problem with their credit service.

You charge the merchandise, then you pay the bill.

Take some responsibility and make sure you pay on time. It's not up to them to remind you every month.

to Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1180732

Actually, it IS their responsibility. It's part of the Fair Credit Billing Act.


I know right! Macy's has been my favorite store forever!!!

I see all of these people complaining and it's because they don't read the fine print, which EVERY store has...

it's called marketing lol. I've never had a problem with Macy's!!!


That sounds super frustrating. Although, I have never had a problem with my Macy's credit card...

ever... it has been great. It might have been the cashiers fault. That, and it is always better to apply for a credit card on your own, that way this kind of screwy stuff doesn't happen.

Besides, with credit cards, I check it every day. Now days it isn't safe to wait until you get it in the mail. So, for all of you who have read this article, know that it might just be a hate article. I, and many other people I know, have NEVER had an issue with the credit card.

In fact, you get points for every purchase and that's how I've gotten free stuff. So look at the positive before this lady convinces you otherwise. You can get a Macy's American Express card, combine it with a Plenti account, and get points on every purchase you make. When you accumulate enough, you can go to Macy's, or other participating Plenti stores, and use your points to buy stuff.

It's pretty awesome, and gives you good credit.

It's sad this lady had a crappy experience but her opinion doesn't make the credit card bad. It just means she encountered a human who made a mistake on her credit card.

to Shelby Tacoma, Washington, United States #1327031

It is NOT the employees fault people!!! We have zero power to change or even look at your credit card info.

It's the corporation that charges the late fee. Good grief people, use your heads for once!


Completely agree with this review. This is the worst credit card and complete fraud.

and never make the mistake of opting for e-statements. they never send them.

dont ever apply for this card. actually, dont shop here at all...complete idiots.


reading these reviews, so true, just happened to me, unable to even view balance of less than $84 on web site , when asking for statement, always went back to sign-in page , o balance suddenly went to a late payment that then went to a credit reporting site, really?? I always pay my bills , and this crazy Macys just messed up an 800 plus score! Shame on you I am telling everyone I know how bad this MACY's site and credit card is....done ...never will step in a Macy's store again....terrible!!!!

San Diego, California, United States #992020

This card is ridiculous! Do not apply if you do not have a great memory to pay it off right away!

Besides the super high interest, their call center have the worst customer service! I was out of country for 2+ months, all major credit card company are willing to remove the late fees, this blood sucking monster only willing to remove $18 while charging me $105 for late fee! BTW, my outstanding balance was only $40, you see how non sense this is! You know what they say?

It is your fault, and you need to take the consequence. OK~ Cut the card right after the call!


Macy's in the Mall of Louisiana has really bad customer service. I was returning an item and the two people in the counter whom I asked help for were talking about me in front of me.

and they were also talking at the same time while trying to answer my questions. They made so confused. The store manager wasn't much of a help either. They made a mistake and won't give the whole amount I paid because the item I was returning was on clearance but I got it on it's normal price.

They don't make any sense at all!!!

Very rude to customer. Nobody apologized and it's like it's your fault that they made a mistake.

to angrycustomer #852721

Obviously, you didn't have a receipt or a return label attached to the product. Without either of those you will get back the lowest price that product has ever been in the past 6 months. If you don't like it, save your receipt.


Macys has rude credit customer service.


Macy's customer service is very poor on service and is played out to be a scam. Worse credit card service operating hands down.

I returned an item I purchased that I got with 20% off after opening the account and they made me pay the discount amount of 20% back to them that was money never owned to them in the first place since the item was returned.

Why I don't have a clue but with their poor service they made no sense and I cancelled the card to not deal with anymore of their ***. I recommend this card to nobody.


Macy's has the worst customer service ever!!!!!


Macy's has thee WORST customer service in their credit card department. I open a Macy's card right before black Friday for the extra 20 % off.

I later received coupons in the mail as part of the Star Reward program. The coupons are not good on everything as sales associate have led you to believe.

I went to pay my bills online as soon as possible, as I do with all my bills (way before the due date, and before I even received my first statement) A couple weeks later "they" said that my payment was returned so I was charged a check return fee. I continued to pay my bill online and every time my payment was returned.

This was their way to accumulate extra fees to add to my bill. I did and online chat with their customer service rep to try to figure out the issue. She said they were not able to "locate" my bank, therefore, they had to charge me the return fees. She said it was all taken care off, come to find out the issue wasn't taken care off.

I ended paying over $100. in interest and fees because of their scam.

They sure didn't have a problem "locating" my bank when I made my payment over the phone. needless to say I cancelled my account right then and there.

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