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I am livid... and in tears. I have tried THREE TIMES to order the Trio Effy Crossover ring and all three times you've blocked processing of the order due to "consumer protection."

Background: I placed the order on macy's.com using the promo code SUPER for an additional 25% off and accessed macys.com via the third-party site ebates.com that offers additional savings for online purchases (in this case 6%). This brought what was a $1159 ring down to $870 + $52 tax = $922. With the additional ebates 6% on this high value purchase, I would receive a $55.32 as well - a significant amount.

I have a few numbers on my credit card account. I provided my security code, my billing address and all of these numbers. Apparently your "super secure" check validates only against "public records" which is only one of those numbers. I entered in my cell phone when placing the order and as a result of either the number or the high value, the order(s) were pulled for verification.

I understand the need for protection, especially given current events, however I provided and verified my information in all the calls with your personnel and instead of letting me order online and complete the order as is, it was canceled and only option was for them to replace it for me (thereby foregoing the additional 6% savings).

After going around and around this and placing the same order THREE TIMES as mentioned above (not to mention the high volume activity that three separate charges for almost $1000 would do to my credit account and alert them to fraudulent activity), again I received an email that the order couldn't be processed!!! Instead of putting the order on HOLD, pending verification (like any logical company with a sense of customer service would do), Macys immediately cancels the order and then has to reinstate it under a different order number.

I spent almost an hour on the phone just now for the third time today with a representative, who after hearing my complaints and SEVERE disappointment, was only able to offer expedited shipping as a consolation. That is simply unacceptable.

I am so upset that not only do I want to take a stand and not order this ring from Macys, but I also have now an extremely bitter taste for any future purchases from your company. Furthermore, I fully plan on telling this experience to my sister, mother, cousins and other friends who shop at Macys to caution them against shopping here in the future. If this is how you treat customers who sincerely try to (REPEATEDLY) give you $1000, then I don't know if I even want to engage with you for $50.

This ring was very special to me and my fiancee as we are supposed to have a religious ring ceremony in a couple weeks. After weeks of searching online, we were finally able to agree and settle upon this ring that both of us liked. Now not only has this whole experience tarnished my impression of Macys as a go to (especially for a registry), but now our search begins again for a new ring to use in this ceremony.

Extremely disappointed and saddened.

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Same here - Consumer Protection Dept based in Ohio intervenes and you LOSE the premiums that go with your purchase! It's ridiculous and the effect is to scam the Macy's customer. Switching to another department store in the hope that they do not use the same insane "protection" staff, who are completely unhelpful.


macy’s.com sucks the agents are in another country. i have a gift card from returned items and when used on line they keep cancelling the orders for a business decision tied to my email and wait for an email as to why.

are they kidding me? i did my xmas shopping on line with no issues.


I experienced the same thing you did and no longer want to have anything to do with Macy's. After I finish paying off my Macy's card, I am canceling my account with them.


This is happening to me currently and I am pissed off!!!!!


I have ordered fromMacy's before & had no problems. Last week I placed an order & it got canceled because of their "SYSTEM" that's what the customer rep kept telling me. I called my credit card company & they told me that everything was fine & they didn't understand why Macy's was not letting me place an order.

to Natalia #1602660

Same thing has happened to me today and I am disgusted. I tried BOTH my debit card, which had FUNDS and my Macy's card which had enough balance to cover my purchase and went through the same issue.

ORDER CANCELLED. I'm done with Macy's.

to B. Smith #1604394

This happened to me today and they won’t tell me anything except someone will call you in 24hrs. Did this happen to you??


I have been a Macy's customer since 2006 and i send about $1500 and more yearly. I always rely on them on certain things that i always order monthly like makeup.

I had a very similar situation i was trying to order Lancome foundation and i processed the order 6 times and they canceled it every time. I got fed up i went to Nordstrom and they shipped the item to me the next day.

I canceled my Macy's card i am done with their *** of canceling orders left and right. Its funny how they closed so many stores and now they are loosing customers instead of gaining them.


still doing the same thing as of 11/2017. they cancelled my order of 170$ for no apparent reason, and I even called corporate because customer service from macys.com is ridiculous.

they cannot tell you anything except consumer protection cancelled your order and you can no longer order from macys.com. I thought corporate would help, at first they were very nice, and seemed like they wanted to help, but after being put on hold, came back and said the same thing. I have made small, maybe a dozen orders in the last few years, none returned. My credit card and account were all matching, I even called my credit card comp thinking there was an issue and nope, there is even a pending charge.

Macys has the worse customer service I have ever ever had to deal with. no explanation and no reason and "secrets within the company make for me to never spend my money with them again.


They are still doing the same thing in Aug 2016. They right out cancelled my order and I even paid thru PayPal!! Needless to say my business is going elsewhere!





They did this to me just this morning. I bought a bunch of tops and they cancelled my order stating they couldn't verify my phone number.

My credit card went through but my only phone is a cell. I've had the same number for over a decade but it's on a family plan in my husband's name (same last name as mine ).

When I called them they basically treated my like a criminal and all I did was buy the products they offered on their unsolicited sale email. It was a horrible experience!


Im sorry

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