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I shopped at Macy's in Eugene, Oregon Thursday 1/19/17. I bought over $100.00 worth of cosmetics at the Clinique cosmetic counter.

The clerk rang it up and then gave me my items in a bag, I then asked her if you were no longer charging $0.05 for the bags, she said that they still had the charge and that she added it to my bill. First of all when you buy over $100.00 worth of Clinique you should NOT have to pay ( I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY LAW) for a bag to put it in and secondly she should have asked/told me about the charge. The money is not the issue but I should have been told or asked. I usually shop online anyway but I needed to find the right shade.

I WILL NOT SHOP THERE AGAIN!!!! Dianne Gilmour 87629 Woodmere East Florence, Oregon 97439

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1298193

oh get the *** over yourself. they HAVE To charge for the bags, it is a STATE LAW.

they will be FINED if they don't do it. it's like a TAX. if they don't charge tax they get fine. What is wrong with people like you?

Seriously? It doesn't matter HOW Much money you spend. YOU ARE NOT A GOOD CUSTOMER. I would rather deal with someone who spends 20 dollars and is not an entitled brat than someone who spends hundreds and has an attitude like yours.

Do us all a favor and STAY HOME and shop and when you have to return something, USE THE SHIPPING LABEL. Keep your nasty attitude away from everyone else.

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