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Opened a store credit card on 5/12/18, store associate told me that they have to open the account under my outdated address on my ID card and said if I need to change the address I could contact credit service department.

Called the credit service department the next day via number 1-888-257-6757 and went through security verification process and got the address changed for the card, and was informed and ENSURED that the card WILL BE shipped to the current address.

Waited and waited and card never came, got an email on 6/9/18 saying the card is on the way. So waited more time. Now I just called the same number today (6/20/18) and found out the account is past due and the address was never changed. Said they cannot make any adjustments or resend the card unless I take care of the past due first. After I made a payment over the phone (hoping it's the correct the amount because I never got to see the statement!), agent informed me I have to wait till the payment is posted to take any further actions.

To sum it up, there are some very poor efficiencies here:

1) Customer unable to update the address at time of opening account;

2) Was told address was updated, however later found out untrue and card & statement were lost;

3) Poor process in solving the issue; no options to expedite the process. Maybe it's more reasonable that I get my card/statement first before making a payment??????? All of these can be prevented if Macy's would done a better job following up with the customer. My email is on file so why not an email confirmation when changing address? It requires you to have the card number upon signing up for online account, which I do not have and had no way of accessing information regarding the lost card/statement.

Definitely looking into closing the card once the payment is posted. It might hurt my credit a little but the experience has been so poor that makes me don't want to continue the relationship as a credit customer.

Reason of review: credit card lost and now past due.

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So you kept buying things on credit even though you had zero clue how much your total balance was??? You sound like the PERFECT credit card customer!

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