I am so sick and tired of getting customer service representatives from the other side of the world who don't understand me and who I can't understand! A simple telephone order took way to long because your representative in the Philippines was difficult to communicate with.

Seriously, the "American" company Macy's has to go to the Philippines to get help?? Really???

Well the call took 2-3 times longer than it should have so I guess Macy's you are really not saving that much! Hire American...stop insulting your American customers who have to be subject to customer service reps we can't understand!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service in philippines.

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Trying to communicate is unrealTook two hours to handle the problem.Had to have a drink after!LOL


the review was rude but yes it's difficult to communicate with macys reps.


People in Us do not realize that they will pay a lot more for goods and services if U S workers do the jobs as USA workers demand much higher wages.


I have had great customer service with the Philippines customer service. No complaints here


I too agree with you 4 years I have been patient when dealing with the people in the Philippines I know request someone in the United States needless to say I get hung up on the call drop I almost Macy's account because of this they are and now the new thing is American Mary. Whenever I get someone in the Philippines I just hang up because I never get anything accomplished when dealing with this is a waste of time I do not understand why Macys hired them it's a waste of money and time

to Anonymous #1387286

Keep jobs in US. Philippines customer service is terrible. Also you hear all the background calls and it is very, very disruptive and frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Azusa, California, United States #1270440

I agree. I just hung up on a Macy's rep from India .

I'm so tired of getting these people when I call for help. They're polite, hard to understand and not properly trained.

Things never get done right when I speak to someone from India or The Phillipines. So tired of it.

to Anonymous #1405953

you can anyway request for an american agent. just FYI


Ah....must be an employee of Macy's.


No matter what number you use from Macy's "800" numbers they ALL are transferred to the Philippines. I called five times trying to ordering two items via phone and every call was screwed up and each person I spoke did not understand much I was saying.

They've been trained by Macy's to say - I cannot help you...there is nothing that I can do...or they say nothing and all you hear is crickets in the background. I've shopped at May Company, Robinson/May and now Macy's and I'm done. There is no one you can actually speak to it's all done by phones and press number 1,2,3, the star or number sign.

It's all Greek to me. So long Macy's..


Response to Watchamacallit.....

you refer to me/us as you Americans are whiners... We are customers you a--hole.

IT has nothing to do with culture of who's who, I am a Latina and am wise enough to accept and understand that there are privileges earned not just given.... One of them is voicing our concerns and one thing I have learned over time is,,,, if one person calls you a duck, you laugh, two people call you a duck you look around for feathers, if three or more call you a duck, you better start quacking! Moral of the story is there is truth to this situation and it's affecting people/customers/business negatively. Whether you like or not.

SO STOP GETTING SO DEFENSIVE and listen to understand this is a REAL PROBLEM! A--hole!

Florida, United States #1134335

I dread calling but sometimes it is absolutely necessary then to make matters worst the recording states there may be a random inquiry at the end of the call..... I laugh and say, of course, please do so, I have an earful about that. Solutions offered are give us the jobs we need them as well....and communication is the key here!!!!!


I am a very, very un-satisfied customer with Macy's. Macy's what are you thinking putting customer service in the Phillipines?

I call and I am not understood and then hung up on after I am put on hold. This has happened repeatedly and this morning I had Capital One on the call with me and was treated the same. Capital One was appalled at how the customer was treated. Well this is one customer who will not take this anymore.

I will return my items and Macy's can kiss my *** and then go straight to ***. I hope to see this store fail and close...now..blame that on someone else...you deserve the worst and I hope you get it.

to Anonymous #1421963

Good luck getting any information on your returns. They say they have my return but don't see it on my credit card and have to check with the warehouse??? No wonder Macy stores are closing.


So true, shop someplace else and avoid the hassle. I was shopping on Macys.com and could not use my Premier Elite Member single use code.

Called Cust. Service connected in the Phillipines and wasted my time, never placed my on line order and I'm done with Macys.

to Anonymous #1244205

Shopping in person is much better. But, now a days most people don't have the time and want to do it on line - me being one of them.

You can't use any of your coupons or Macy's Money cards because most of them are for in store only.

Now, if you are late on your payment they're on it and speak and understand you perfectly.


Same it's so annoying when a quick order takes longer than needed. I have to keep repeating myself, and it seems that in the culture there, they speak very long sentences.

Let us just say what we would like instead of speaking in such long sentences.


You said it. So fed up.

Was holding 20 min to end up with the Philippines. What makes these American Companies think i want to share my personal information with a foreign country...he ok he would transfer me to USA. Now i am holding over 25 minutes. This is unacceptable.

Total greed.

The Americans keep them in business not a foreign customer service...hire Americans to do customer service!


Could not agree more!!! Horrible!

Makes we want to cut Macy's off my list of online retailers!

They also put a $682 hold on my debit card for a$268 order?!?!


I'm not whining....Pride and respect are ingrained in American tradition. Customer Service is not only expected but deserved.

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