I am so sick and tired of getting customer service representatives from the other side of the world who don't understand me and who I can't understand! A simple telephone order took way to long because your representative in the Philippines was difficult to communicate with.

Seriously, the "American" company Macy's has to go to the Philippines to get help?? Really???

Well the call took 2-3 times longer than it should have so I guess Macy's you are really not saving that much! Hire American...stop insulting your American customers who have to be subject to customer service reps we can't understand!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service in philippines.

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to Anonymous #1244205

Shopping in person is much better. But, now a days most people don't have the time and want to do it on line - me being one of them.

You can't use any of your coupons or Macy's Money cards because most of them are for in store only.

Now, if you are late on your payment they're on it and speak and understand you perfectly.


Same it's so annoying when a quick order takes longer than needed. I have to keep repeating myself, and it seems that in the culture there, they speak very long sentences.

Let us just say what we would like instead of speaking in such long sentences.


You said it. So fed up.

Was holding 20 min to end up with the Philippines. What makes these American Companies think i want to share my personal information with a foreign country...he ok he would transfer me to USA. Now i am holding over 25 minutes. This is unacceptable.

Total greed.

The Americans keep them in business not a foreign customer service...hire Americans to do customer service!


Could not agree more!!! Horrible!

Makes we want to cut Macy's off my list of online retailers!

They also put a $682 hold on my debit card for a$268 order?!?!


I'm not whining....Pride and respect are ingrained in American tradition. Customer Service is not only expected but deserved.


I agree...I've been on the phone with them now for nearly 1 1/2 hours. It's horrible! I'm closing my account with them ASAP.



One of the reasons why American companies resort to hiring CSRs in the Philippines and other countries is because you Americans are a bunch of whiners and you call to complain about the smallest thing or to tell someone to do something you people are too lazy to do and your country's workforce capacity can't handle that. Also, you are generalizing the whole population of Filipino CSRs which is a really ignorant thing to do.

to watchamacallit #1151139

Excuse ME.. You are Totally Dillussional to think US Citizens are Whinning..

How would you like it if They messed up your account Bud.. Go Move overseas You don't deserve to be in the USA! Obviously You don't understand this concept, nor do you CARE how we're treated..

I repeat

MOVE far far far away..

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