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Since I was moving into a new house and didn't have a bed, I ordered one (mattress, box spring and frame) from Macy's on January 16. It was originally scheduled for delivery between 11:30 and 1:30 on Friday, January 25. That morning, I received a phone call alerting me that the delivery truck had broken down en route and there would be a delay. The dispatcher said she'd call me back when they knew what time they'd be arriving. I sat around waiting (in an empty house) for several hours. When I still hadn't heard anything by 3:30, I called customer service. They tried to contact both the warehouse and the drivers but received no answer. I was on hold for over 45 minutes before the rep arranged to call me when she heard from someone. Three hours later, I still had not received a phone call, so at 6:30 (I've now been waiting for delivery for over 6 hours), I call customer service again. I get a different representative who tries the whole thing over again with the same results, no response from the warehouse or drivers. About twenty minutes later, I finally get a call from the warehouse dispatcher who informs me the truck was never repaired and they'd call me to reschedule delivery on Monday, leaving me with no bed for the entire weekend. I tell her I need it before then and she responds, "I'm just the dispatcher. That's not my problem. Take it up with customer service."

So I call customer service yet again, and I'm told they can't reschedule delivery until the bed is checked back into the warehouse, even though everyone knows exactly where it is, presumably. She said she'd try to get it released immediately on Saturday and reschedule delivery, and promised to call me back the next day. I never heard from anyone all weekend.

Monday morning, I go to work, and around 9 a.m., I get a call saying the truck is on its way to my house right then. Since no one had ever bothered to call me to actually reschedule the delivery and I can't just leave work, I asked if they could deliver it at the end of the day after the route was finished and was told they'd have to check and get back to me. No one did. I called customer service again, and after being on hold for about half an hour, I was told they were still looking into and would get back to me. Surprise! No one did. Finally, late that afternoon, I called back yet again. I was told the bed couldn't be delivered that evening because they were already on their way back to the warehouse and it would have to be checked in AGAIN before they could reschedule delivery AGAIN. They said they'd call me back Tuesday morning to reschedule deliver for Wednesday.

I got a call Tuesday morning informing me the bed wouldn't be delivered until Saturday because It was not convenient for their delivery route. I told that wasn't acceptable and I needed it before then and since it was their fault the first two delivery attempts failed, it was their responsibility to correct the problem. I was told they'd see what they could do. After not hearing anything for several hours and being totally fed up, I called to cancel the sale. The representative assured me she was working to get me the bed the next day, so I reluctantly agreed to wait. And hour later, she called back to tell me the delivery people refused to make the delivery the next day and I was back to Saturday, February 2 for a delivery date, a full week and one day after I was originally supposed to receive my bed. I canceled the order on the spot. This has been the worst customer service I have ever received and totally ruined my entire moving experience since I ended up without a bed for 5 nights. I will never shop at Macy's again.

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