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This is an official complaint for the horrible customer service from Macy's, and especially service representative Jason from Furniture & Bedding.

The Situation:

I have a delivery scheduled for this afternoon between 1.15-3.15pm PST and I already received automated confirmation calls for the delivery in the last 24 hours. Apparently there was an issue processing payment on the order this morning, so Macy's cannot actually deliver the item. However no one form Macy's contacted me at all regarding the situation, and when I called in the customer service number, the representative on the phone, Jason, was terrible and not helpful at all. Not helpful because the only respond he could provide me is that Macy's billing department is already closed after 3pm PST, and absolutely no one at all would be able to help me resolve the situation. The only solution he provided was for me to call that department myself the next day and someone else would resolve my issue.

Problem #1

Macy's should have contacted me asap regarding the problem with processing the payment.

Problem #2

Macy's should have contacted me to let me know the delivery is canceled until the payment issue is resolved.

Problem #3

When a customer service representative answers the phone, their only solution should not be to call another 1800 number.

Problem #4

Is it even true that Macy's cannot handle any billing/payment related issues after 3pm Pacific time? I find it hard to believe since Macy's is a large national corporation with stores in different states and time zones. 3pm Pacific time as the only cut off seems too early and unreasonable.

Problem #5

Customer service should be taking the initiative to help resolve the problem at hand, and to actually follow through the customer's situation every step of the way to ensure they are taken care of.

As a customer, I paid $125 in delivery fees and took time out of a work day to stay home to receive my delivery. The minimal courtesy I'd expect is a phone call to let me know the delivery did not make it. And for Macy's to want my business, shouldn't someone take action to follow through with the issue and help me resolve my problem so we can complete the transaction and reschedule for a future delivery? Jason was defensive, self righteous and wouldn't offer any additional assistance beyond "call this other number tomorrow".

Telling me to just call another phone number the next day is ridiculous and a huge, huge waste of my time. What a horrible, horrible customer service experience when Macy's actually takes pride in being a luxury brand. This is something I'd expect if I shopped at Walmart, not when I paid the premium and extra fees and shopped at Macy's.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I'm sorry, did you just call Macy's a "luxury" brand??

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