I ordered a pair of diamond studs in good faith. Macy's doesn't deliver to post office boxes.

I live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. We don't get U.S. mail delivery to our houses. Macy's required a physical address so I gave that to them but specificied it must be mailed via UPS or Fed Ex.

They proceeded to mail it to the post office, with the street address. It bounced around for two weeks, from post office to post office. No one let me know the status. When I called to complain, they said they'd refund my money.

I said I wanted my merchandise and suggested they mail it to my daughter's street address. They agreed. Then I got a letter from Macy's saying my merchandise was no longer available. There was an ad in the paper that day for the very same article, for the very same price.

The letter said I would receive a refund and that the funds would be put back on my credit card. Thing is -- I used an American Express gift card and then cut it up.

No refund. I am pissed.

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Tulare, California, United States #1249748

I ordered a ring for my wife and when it came the bag only had a receipt in it with no ring. I called and told them about the bag was empty and they sent me a letter and said they were not going to do anything about it because I singed for the package.

As of yet I have not received a refund.

This has been a very sad Christmas for me and my wife.


You can still get your money back either ask for a Macy's gift card .. Or call American Express gift number and they can help you by replacing the old card with a new one ..

But they will charge you a fee for that like maybe $10.00 ..

Just explain to them what you did with old card .. Etc

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