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Do not ever buy furniture from Macy's! I bought the Metropolitan dining room set and had to refuse delivery 3 times due to damaged pieces.

Even the furniture that I did not refuse has nicks and scratches on it that I just chose to ignore, because Macy's has been such a hassle to deal with. I submitted a review of their product on-line and they didn't post it. They only post good reviews. Don't be fooled by their website.

That's how I got tricked into buying furniture from there. Their quality control is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone. Just google Macy's furniture and you'll see the actual reviews from consumers who are not satisfied. Avoid Macy's at all costs!

Save your money!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I ordered a sofa and recliner on 91512, I received my sofa ( which l

love) 4 weeks later. After that I have called every other day checking on my

recliner. I have been given 10 different dates for delivery. Finally someone who

was actually honest told me it had been back-ordered from the get-go. No one

ever told me it was a back-order. I had to pay a deposit of 122.00 for this

recliner with a promise it would be here before Halloween. Now to find out it

isn't going to be here till mid Dec. After calling the District Manager Mike,

with no return phone call of course, then speaking to the store manager Kristen,

she actually acted like she was genuinely concerned (at first) but then did not

return my phone call. I had to call again to find out the status of this since

she was going to try to get my deposit refunded.....guess what????? Of course, I

am stuck paying the deposit after being lied to over 10 times. Macy's furniture

has absolutely horrible customer service.


We had a similar incident with Macy's 10 yrs ago, but decided to give them the

benefit of the doubt...NEVER AGAIN!!

They are liars and thieves.

to Melanie Gross Exeter, New Hampshire, United States #873106

If you received the furniture then they are not thieves. It sounds like they simply have trouble managing expectations.

If the furniture was back ordered then that proves it is popular.


EVERY yes EVERY Furniture store large or small can and do have problems. You are crazy and living in a bubble if you don't assume something can be or go wrong.

If you want perfection in the product and the procedure/process don't buy anything anywhere. How it works in the real world is you buy somethiong and it can have or get something unacceptable. You call for service and someone gets there. Yes they want to service you, ITS NOT THE STORE that sends someone its a contractor who only makes money by seeing you, not by messing you up, wasting your time, and not seeing you.

They don't get paid for just trying. But just like something being wrong with your new furniture/car/house/boat/handbag/shoes or whatever something can happen with your service appointment. Thats the rules in the game of life. If you don't like the rules don't play the game it's really simple.

You play a board game and end up in jail on occasion, do you complain and whine and your life is now ruined when you end up in jail?????? NO because you knew you could end up in jail when you started. Now you know your brand new furniture may require a service call, that may or may not end any other way then you should expect.

IE: Really good to really bad. It will probally go somewhere in the middle because more often then not you zip right pass that "Go Top Jail" card but still don't get to but Boardwlk.

to MY2CENTS #844824

Are you serious? You must be working for Macy's.

Your "monopoly" illustration is utterly ridiculous and doesn't remotely address or relate to the reviewer's experience. You sir are an ***!!


I totally agree, if I have to tell my story with Macys furniture it would take me the whole day but I am never going to buy furniture from them anymore. I also paid 2000 dollars and I am having too many problems being one of them that they delivered the FLOOR SAMPLE when I paid the price of a new one.

Warin Chamrap, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand #26921

Well DUH!!

Honestly, people who even THINK about buying furniture from Macy's have it coming to them. Consumers should ALWAYS be suspicious of 'big ticket' items sold at department stores. Your common sense should tell you that department stores sell such a variety of items that they cannot possibly specialize in any one item. In other words: Macy's is NOT going to take the time to make sure their customers are getting the best quality furniture; they just don't care.

Learn a huge lesson: GO TO A FURNITURE STORE!

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