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I made the mistake of signing up for their credit card in order to get an additional percentage off my Macy's purchase.

When I got the statement it look like my balance due was $1.87. Thinking I must have paid the balance previously and this was additional interest, I paid the $1.87. The next month I got another statement, this time with a whopping $29.00 late fee. I went back and looked at the past statement and found that the previous balance was 81.87 not $1.87. Their horrible printing on the statement made the 8 look like a $. Directly below the balance due line is a minimum payment line that said $5.00 (with a dollar sign). Why have one line with a dollar sign and another line without it?

I called their customer service department and after waiting several minutes I finally got transferred to someone in India. The phone connection was horrible and she couldn't understand what I was trying to explain about the printing on the statement and the confusion it caused. She refused to remove the late fee, instead offering to credit my account $15.00 if I paid the entire balance (including late fee) today on the phone. I agreed to only pay the balance minus the late fee. She then told me it would cost $14.99 to pay by phone. Outrageous! I finally just closed the account in disgust. I'm sure I'll get another statement for the late fee next month.

I'll never shop at Macy's again and that's not an idle threat. I had a similar experience at Sears over 20 years ago and I have never set foot in a Sears since. I even went out of my way to return a gift that was given to me that was purchased at Sears. I can only hope Macy's suffers a similar financial fate as Sears.

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Heres the problem....I spoke to an Indian that told me they were waiving my late fee so when I paid my bill that month I paid what the Indian told me was due after waiving the fee!Come to find out the *** never waived it so now I'm getting another fee!

Just to test my theory of them being idiots I called them and asked that this fee be waived, the *** said sure....I called back later that day n spoke to a different *** and asked what my balance due was and guess what? They didn't waive anything! There is no communication in that department and now I see why I can't catch up because from the very first late fee I got charged and "waived" never was this whole time and they just kept tacking on more to my bill! When I spoke to their *** supervisor he told me he can't waive until I paid it ???

What? That makes no sense! They r nothing but scammers and I will never shop at Macy's again!!! Oh and I've never heard of a company not giving a grace period from ur due date....if ur payment is a minute late they charge u?

Ridiculous!I have no problems with any credit cards that I have, only with these morons!

to Frizzle #585789

I had similar problem with macy's they suck..coz of them we r going through so much of problem..

they have to credit us the money back but they report saying we have not paid the fee... how *** can one be..

i have never come across such a annoying and cheating company..i just would want to know how to convey them how nasty they are and full of s$$t...I really want to sue them for the problem they have caused me..


I also had a terrible experience with Macy's credit services today.I did miss a payment last month due to the fact that I must have deleted my statement in email.

I received a call from India about making a payment immediately to the card. The customer service rep started asking me many personal questions that he must have known the answer because he called me!!! I told him that I would immediately make my payment in full on line and wanted him to take the $25 late fee off. He said he would if I paid over the phone.

Although nervous to give bank info, I did. He took off the $25 late fee, then proceeded to tell me that there is a $14.99 processing fee over the phone!!!! I screamed at him, he then lowered the fee to $10. Then, in the end, said no fee??

I decided to hang up the phone, pay my bill on line, and then closed my account!!!!

I then called Macy's credit services to report this experience.

The phone attendant told me, that "this is what I signed up for when opening a Macy's credit card." I took a deep breath, realized my mistake of shopping at Macy's and will not buy there again!!!They lost a good customer today!


I recieved my revolving balance again.even I paid off.


how many month I'm calling tham to make zero balance.

it's unbelievable!! i also sent the money which they told me to pay,without knowing I sent that money for get rid of that account.



I also had a bad experince with teh macys card.I just opened a new card and was waiting for the bill to arrive to make teh payment----Finally I called them and they said teh statement was mailed and teh due dat as already passed.

Anyhow, we made the payemnt immediately and they said they will *** all teh charges.... We called them to make sure all was cleared. I get a new bill yesterday saying taht there was a finance charge, since it was late or something like taht and charged another late fee.... I got so irritated and paymed teh amount and close my account.

I don't want to deal with it again for the next month. I asked them to send me a zero balnce statement, so atht I can keep it make sure it is done. Again---They lost another customer for sure....I will never again go to macys....

So, just for $10 doallr saving you end up spending more money and time....I got a good credit and don;t want to ruin it because of the *** credit card.....

Seriously, they make you opend an acco8nt and make teh profit out of all the late fees.....So don't open one---not worth it...


In addition to what Ragamuffin said - You thought you had a remainder of $1.87 of your card but the statement said minimum payment due $5.00. I agree with Ragamuffin, this is YOUR fault. I would say hopefully you learned from this mistake, but if you had the same experience with Sears, you'll never learn.


My husband added me onto his Macy's account as a user.I never used the card and paid for my own things.

He died in an accident and I get a Macy's bill in my name.My attorney in MI said they cana't do that. Call them. I called them and said if you will look, I've not used the card. Didn't matter.

Pay it or get a bad credit report! I said this is not legal and take my name off that bill. Nope. I gave them probate info to file a claim.

Ignored that and sent me bill after bill with late fees added and every other thing added. I have since learned this is NOT legal for sure and they can't do it. But they think they can. Go to BBB and you will see all kinds of complaints.

I will never pay that bill now for sure and they can ruin my credit if they think that. I have not shopped there again and before that spent a few thousand a year.

I told my daughter to not buy me anything there for holidays ever again.I toss their fliers straight in the garbage.


I had an awful experience with the macy's credit card..I still kept mine, though, assuming I wouldn't run into any problems in the future.

And I haven't, but then again I haven't used it much at all.

A lot of my time was taken up trying to sort the whole credit thing out, but they DID *** the late fees.I did it all through email.


I'm tired of idiots like this one.Try and LOOK at your bill.

If it doesn't seem right INVESTIGATE. Don't blame your idiocy on us. YOU should have followed up on this. $1.87?

Please. So you thought you paid most of your bill except for $1.87 of it? Really?

Use common sense.It's people like you who make retailers look bad, even though you're the ***.


The people in india are horrible i work in the real call center in america if you ever get someone in india ask for an american.They do everything too much by the book, they have no wiggle room.

we can help you so much more.

had i taken the call, the late fee would definitely had been removed for a legit reason and if i couldn't i would still probably be able to do it as a courtesy, and if it's your first time paying over the phone we waive the fee.seriously if you get another late fee, call again but ask to be transfered and explain the situation.

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