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i had an interview at macys because i needed a job. my hubby recently got laid off and i want to try to help our family get to a better place.

yeah right. like they care. i felt like i would be in boot camp with weekly get togethers to make sure you sell a credit card a day, if not oh no. dont ask a customer if they need help, cant do that.

cant ask if they have discounts either you may give the store away. they ask questions that are so *** you wouldnt believe it. i dont know why anyone would want to work there, not me thats for dam sure. oh yeah manager is a real bi*** too!!

I already knew dudring interview it was bull ***, all i got to say is thank you for not hiring me!!! store looks like a expensive garage sale now we all know why they are constantly looking for help

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I don't know what Macy's you applied for, but at the Macy's I work at, we are REQUIRED to greet customers, ask if we can help them, let them know about discounts and sales. It is part of the MAGIC sales training that is COMPANY WIDE.

Yes, we are required to open up 3-5 accounts per week. It's part of the job. You are not a cashier, you are a sales associate. FYI - as for being over qualified...I too took a job at Macy's due to the economy and needing to get a job, any job.

I am college educated and pursuing a Masters degree (I am in my mid 30's.).

I work with colleagues who used to be Directors, Managers, Teachers etc. I seriously doubt you were not hired because you were over qualified.


I got something to say about some of the people who have responded to this post. We here in the United States have this thing they call THE FIRST AMENDMENT ever heard of it?

This site is for people to sound off about bad experiences they have had. It is not intended for people who have nothing better to do than to criticize people for their opinions. Have you read what other people have written about this matter?? What makes you think I would call someone a nasty name to their face?

You have no idea who I am or what I am about. You best look in your own back yard before peering into others.


To the original poster, if you expect to be hired at any retailer where you will be contact with the public, you need to have a better vocabulary and you cannot be using vulgar words. Stores can get sued by customers if you, their employee, swears at people.

Really, they couldn't hire you if that's how you talked.


I have worked at Kaufmann's and now Macy's after the takeover. Macy's is a horrible place to work at.

No respect for it's bread and butter workers.

Don't like it...there is the door. They suck!


Not to insult anyone here, you have your opinion and that's fine. What I would like to know is, has anyone been in a Macy's lately?

I have, in both the New Orleans area store and the Baton Rouge one. They donot ask if they can help you, she is right. I also found some of the rudest people working there, we would ask a question and the employees would walk off. Now we did have our jeans on, along with our favorite tee shirts, so maybe they did think we were not worth their time.

However, we did go in there looking to buy a few nice outfits for my daughter's anniversary which would have cost over $600, yes you saw right, her husband was giving her a very nice present. We did find a manager and showed them the money and did they ever do a 180! Oh well, they had already ticked off her husband and they didn't get it. This is not the first time being snubbed at a Macy's but it is the last!

We did ask a few friends who used to work at the areas mentioned, and the person who complained about the treatment of those that they are hiring and current employees is horrible!

If they don't sell, or get someone to get a card they are called into a review, and yes they are told donot ask if someone needs help(which is *** because that actually has been shown to cut down on shoplifting). I don't know this person's attitude but don't think for once that she is saying anything untrue.


HEY tasha,

It's pretty plain to see you need a life and need to get off your butt and away from your favorite pasttime of reading other people's comments. I had trouble understanding your first remarks so maybe it's you that needs a little more education. You have no stake in this so do the world a big favor and sign off before more of your ignorance shines thru.


The problem was I was qualified, overly qualified. The woman made me feel like a criminal because I was looking for a job.

I was upset and said things I shouldnt have, I am sorry. I am upset because of these people who double dip by retiring and collecting and taking jobs from people who need them as a first income. I have worked for the public for more years than I want to say, I am a very nice person and enjoy helping others. It was the government that put me out of work, laid my whole department off without a days notice and now I cant find a job.

There was no reason you needed to insult me, I already got that from the woman that interviewed me. Thanks and have a great day.

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