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I own the credit card since 2009. I have been timely on my payments always.

However, I recently financed my new car in January at a high APR. I came to know my score was not as good, even though I have never missed any payment. Recently I pulled out my annual credit report and came to know that Macy's had reported the Credit Bureau in 2011 for 30 days late payment. I called Macy's credit service right away, and after heated conversation, they found out it was the mistake on their part.

I had made the payment but their online system was down and they decided to fasely report to credit bureau. Because of them, my credit score went down and I was not eligible for a lower interest rate for the car. I called Macy's again to discuss this further on compensation terms as I'm at a loss paying a high APR because of them, and they don't want to hear anything or admit their fault.

They want to compensate me by sending a $25 coupon compared to 2.9% APR I'm paying for $40,685 car. The supervisor was extremely rude and used foul language such as "***" and denied me for any compensation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Macy's just did the same thing but worse! They received a Notice of my bankruptcy discharge - that was in a Trustee account, which means I spent 5 years making payments to the Trustee who in turn paid my creditors.

I didn't have an account open with Macy's at the time I filed my Chp 13.When Macy's received the discharge notice - they immediately closed my account and sent it to recovery. MOST IMPORTANTLY they misreported to the credit bureau Experian that I JUST FILED for bankruptcy! It's tagged to be on my report until 2025. I am disputing and writing letters and sending supporting documents to everyone.

I never missed a payment and paid more than the minimum.

Where's my consumer remedy? Macy's has wrecked my credit in hours after years of rebuilding.

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