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I bought two shirts for my girlfriend from Macy's, both of which were on the 50% off rack and marked down to $30. When I got my statement, I was charged the original price of over $60 for each.

When I called asking to verify the mark down in place on the day of purchase, they said they couldn't get that information, but when I emailed and they responded with evidence I was right, the store ignored ALL subsequent emails asking for the fair price to be charged to me. Since I opened up a Macy's account, late notices piled in, and no matter how many times I sought help to be charged what I should have been charged, Macy's ignored it and kept tacking on the late fees. When I called, the employee would repeatedly talk when I was talking, acting as if she wasn't hearing me until I was forced to chew her out. I paid $204 to put a stop to it only because the last thing I needed was for a credit agency to come after me and take me to court.

I will NEVER go to Macy's again. It is full of thieves and liars and has the worst customer service ever, all of which is outsourced. I got my girlfriend to go to Kohl's now. I'm much happier with them.

I am including a letter I received showing that the item I bought was being marked down...and to only 19.99. I paid over $50 for it.

Notice how the letter says I can email them. Well, I did, and they NEVER responded to the next three emails I sent.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and staff. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of macys account and associated monetary loss in the amount of $153. Macys needs to "i would like to be charged only what i should have been charged and have the late fees removed because they accumulated only because macy's refused to answer my inquiries ad get to the bottom of my concern" according to poster's claims.

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Why didn't you bother to notice this while checking out?? You're telling me the price rung up at double & you just ignored it & didn't question this with the sales clerk?? Sounds like fish to me!

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #963251

Something's not right. If you purchased these at a Macy's store they would have given you a receipt at the time of purchase showing the price you paid. So does the store receipt not match what you paid?

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