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I shop at Macy's online since many of the items offered online are not available at my local store. I had 3 orders that had returns on them. Usually I take them back to the store but I thought I would use the new "free returns" feature and send them back.

BIG MISTAKE!!! They received the items and issued me store credits instead of refunding to my Macy's charge, which was how they were purchased.

NOW, 4 phone calls and 30 days later I still cannot get this resolved. I've been told I'll receive the credit in 7-10 business days (which I had been told after each of the 3 previous phone calls and adds up to the 30 days that I am still waiting).

They rolled out this free return shipping without fully vetting the process. I have been paying interest for items that were returned.

DO NOT send back anything to Macy's. If you bought it online, return it to the store.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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YES, very same thing happened to me! It is a slick move now, that Macy's does.

Instead of getting your expected credit back to your account for a return, they send you this gift-card to use for the return amount.

Total bull-shit move by Macy's. We are canceling our credit card with them because of this.

Rockville, Maryland, United States #1001101

I have the same problem now. I paid the balance owed on my credit card less the amount of the returned items.

They are still charging me interest on the amount of the returned items as they are not recognizing it as paid.

I made two calls so far without resolution. I don't have the patience- will be canceling my Macy's card.


I ordered two pairs of shoes because they weren't available in the store. They didn't fit and I returned them the very next day with their "free" returns shipping labels.

I kept checking my account for the credit, but then received received two "Happy Returns" gift cards in the mail. I called and they said they will credit my Macy's credit card in 7 to 10 business days.

As soon as that is done, I'm going to cancel my Macy's credit card that I've had for 10 years. A very underhanded move on their part.

to Eli #890403

I will shop at online at Nordstrom's from now on, as they actually credit your account.

to Eli Rockville, Maryland, United States #1001103

Thanks for the tip. I will go with Norstrom's next time as I prefer to buy online but can't deal with Macy's "mistakes" which mysteriously benefit Macy's and not the customer.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #877186

I can think of no other major department store that would issue you a gift card in lieu of crediting your account for your return/refund. Just because they have it in very small print doesn't make it right - particularly for those items they request you return by mail as they are shipped directly from their vendors.

They are racking up LOTS of consumers' monies by holding their refunds hostile and making them shop at their store AGAIN in order to use up the balance on their not-so "Happy Returns" gift cards.

I used to use their gift registries a lot, but not anymore. (And I am one of their targeted income shoppers.)

to CJ Orlando, Florida, United States #877198

You may not think it's right, and you are welcome to that opinion. However as a consumer it is my opinion before making a purchase from any store it is your responsibility as a consumer to read their return policy in case it becomes an issue and you can decide whether or not to purchase.

to MattD78 Rockville, Maryland, United States #1001104

The problem is when you return a purchase via the online process, Macy's gives you the option of choosing how you would like the refund credited. You are then misled to believe you will receive the refund as you requested.

If they stand behind their policy, they should not need to mislead their customers.

Deception does not invite customer loyalty or confidence. It is short-sighted at best.

Orlando, Florida, United States #860181

It says right in the Return Policy online that if you mail back a return you will be sent a gift card for the return. Next time you are about to place an order online I'd suggest reading the website's return policy first to avoid this type of situation in the future.

To return a gift by mail, please read all instructions below prior to creating and printing your return label.


Create your label by clicking on the link below and adhere it to the package containing the merchandise and original invoice or gift receipt.

2. Enter your reservation number into the RMA field on the USPS site. Examples of where you can find the reservation number on your invoice or gift receipt are provided below.

3. Take the returned merchandise to your local USPS branch for processing.


Track the delivery process on the USPS site.

Credit will be issued in the form of a Macy's "Happy Returns" Gift Card for the full purchase amount. You will receive the Gift Card within 7-10 business days after your return has been processed.

to MattD78 Orlando, Florida, United States #860183

I realize it says gift however this is the same information listed under every part of the online policy on Macy's website. Apparently the only way to get a refund to the original form of payment is to return an item physically to the store.

to MattD78 #1001106

And actually, that is not true. I have returned items online n the past, requested they credit my account and they have done so without a problem.

I ran into this problem only once before.

So perhaps it is a new policy (?). Somehow my purchase and return are not reflected on my online account anymore either.

to MattD78 #1538163

MattD78 You must work for the company.

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