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I had a nice lady call me about what she called a late payment. Keep in mind we owe no one....

we own our house, car, business, etc. and have numerous investments. I told her I would check with my husband who pays the bills and is always timely. He said it wasn’t due until April.

When I called back I spoke to an extremely rude man who was foreign and harder to understand. He challenged me and basically said my husband didn’t know what he was talking about. I told him he’s brilliant and I’m sure wouldn’t make up a story since he hates owing money to anyone. He told me, “Since you say your husband is so brilliant, maybe you’d better contact him and see what the bill says!” I told him he was extremely rude and he said, “Call back when you have more information”.

When I told him to just cancel all my Macy’s accounts he quickly did just that and when I asked to speak to a manager he put me on hold and no one ever answered my waiting call.


Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I work for this company (err...I know). They outsource like many other large companies to save money.

So you're speaking to "Customer service" people from India. They are trained to try their very best to NOT close accounts, as the Macy's credit card is where the company makes most of their money. That $2 to $4 maintenance fee? Yup.

Most customers will pay that since it's such a low amount. So they won't fight it. But think about it....if a million customers in ONE day decide to pay this "low" fee, how much does the company get??? Yup.

Millions. EVERY day. And they will charge you a late fee if you pay your bill after they mail the next bill. So you basically have to know exactly when they'll mail the next one.

It's usually way before your payment due date.

It's an awful company with no morals or care for their customers or employees. When I get the degree I'm currently working on....I'm out of there NEVER to look back!!!

to Samantha #1592360

Samantha, just so you know, you’re incorrect. If you work for the company it must be in-store, because that is not how our credit card works.

We have no “‘maintenance fee.” The $2-4 you’re talking about would be Residual Interest. Look it up. We also only charge late fees for late payments. Whatever you’re saying about knowing when the bill is mailed makes no sense and is not pertinent to late fees whatsoever.

Our terms are clear that a payment must be made, at least the minimum, by the due date listed on the bill. Just like any other credit card.

to MCCS #1592361

We also don’t have call centers in India, so you either don’t actually work for Macy’s, or don’t pay attention. We outsource to the Philippines and recently Bogota, Colombia to service more of our Spanish-only clients.

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