I go in for my first day on work 20 minutes ahead, I was greeted by Scott and he told me where to go and what to ask.I walk up to the counter and none of the three employees knew I was coming or that they had to “help” me.

I go to log in and I don’t know my pin number because Human resource never told me how to set it up. So I head across the mall to Human resource and it was a simple fix and everything was okay. I go back up and I am ready to start, even though no one knew what I should do, but two women helped me. This was my first job in retail so I don’t know much but I understood how to do the cash register and talk to people.

Next thing I know I am being attacked by my coworker who is an elderly women, because “it is ridiculous” I don’t know where they security tags where. The customer was nice and another employee me where to check. After the customer leave the coworker comes back and makes a smart remark “I’m glad you looked for the tags”. I honestly did check and I never done this before.

I was told by many people at Macys that you will learn hands on and make mistakes. This made me really upset being attacked out of nowhere because it’s my first day! Then it all went downhill from there. Now all the employees are frustrated with me because I don’t know what to do, because no one showed me.

The Human resources called me down to finish training. After watching a 16 minute video for probably the 5th time it was still not fixed and no one in human resources knew what to do and sent me on my way and told me to come back. I will not be returning to Macys and I will be telling everyone my experience and telling them to no longer shop at Macys in lakeside mall. Macys is supposed to be built on team work and “Magic” and that was the complete opposite of my experience.

I walked out the mall and didn’t look back because how I was treated was unbelievable. I had no one to help me train, my department manager didn’t care, horribly rude employees. Thank you for your time at Macys, Everyone in Human resources was great and helped a lot. My department was the complete opposite and I hope you guys can look into it and figure out was it wrong.

I was even told by another employee to stay away from the women side of Macys because it is nothing but drama and rude women.

There no way to contact anyone about hours or how to take time off, they don’t work around your needs.No one wanted to train me or take the time for me, even the manager showed lack of care.

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Lmao how old are you?You're acting like a spoiled entitled child.

I got bombarded with stuff and events in my first 10 minutes of shadowing, I had to call a manager and explain who I was and that I had no idea what I was doing. And guess what: it didn't get easy right away. I kept messing up and making mistakes but I also kept asking questions and I tried to learn.

I've also had an issue with a couple people, but never have I even had a thought that "woe me, I'm gonna quit because life sucks".Grow up and get your *** back out there, quit being a child and start acting like an adult.


commission makes these people ***.im pretty sure she was mad that you were ringing up sales( i guess they feel like the new people will take away a lot of their sales/commission)...

when i was new i didnt gaf i rang up anyone who was not helped by an associate.And whenever I needed their help i wasnt afraid to ask(they would get so angry), they had no choice but to help me or risk getting in trouble by a manager.man the things people will do for money amazes me.

Stockton, California, United States #1296249

totally true!They put you through register training upstairs in a room and never give you any real experience on the floor.

Once your on the floor a few people will help and say never feel bad about asking.

However, it wears thin with fellow associates when you have to constantly ask them because the little parts of a transaction are plenty!I was told to write every little step down in a notebook, when all macys would have to do is provide a manual.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1197232

I have read several comments (not all) but I fail to see this viewpoint; could it be that the employee helping you was frustrated with the fact that no one trained you?Anger isn't necessarily always directed at the person they are with.

I find it takes two weeks of torture at any job you start.

I know I feel foolish and unproductive while I am learning.After two weeks, then you can make a proper assessment that the job isn't for you.

London, England, United Kingdom #1186958

Whoever manages the department you were assigned to, failed in their duties.It was their responsibility to ensure that you were trained.

The woman who was rude to you obviously hates her job and her life and should have long since retired.

Everything I've heard about working at Macy's is that it is a miserable place, so I think you dodged a bullet.I hope you have long since found a better job.

to Anonymous #1393273

Nobody is fully trained when they are new to the floor.Nobody.

Everyone is thrown to the sharks and it is your duty to either sink or swim. I found that if everyone and the managers like you....you are safe there.

Just be outgoing with customers.Like a cheerleader on the floor every day.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1119173

Well, it is VERY clear to me that the liberals who run this pro-*** company discriminated against you for being a Trump voter!I believe Barack Hussein Obama was behind it!

Such terrible customer service!!!

As a Christian on Facebook I'm persecuted constantly! Your story fills me with so much rage I feel Macy's owes ME some compensation as well, and if customer service doesn't give me what I want I'll call the National Guard to intervene!! And then I'll leave a nasty review on Yelp!

These liberals must be stopped!Such poor customer service!

to Mrs. Bonnie Schloenchswart #1393274

The National Guard??? Good grief Rambo, have you taken your meds today???


Some people will never "get it" face the fact u are one of those people that no matter how many times u are trained this job will not be for u.u either get it or u don't and yes your coworkers are only going to have so much patience. Being a,sales associate is not rocket science it is easy to pick up.

to Anonymous London, England, United Kingdom #1186957

You most likely have made a career out of minimum wage retail jobs, so it is easier for you. The OP stated it was her first retail job and her first day on the job. Give her a break!

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