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I recently received a statement from Macy's stating I owed $23.68. It was dated due on 9/15/2013.

I paid the full balance on 5/30/2013 and closed my account. A letter sent dated 6/1/2013 stated the account was closed. When I called the customer service I was told there was interest charged on 6/15/2013 in the amount of $5.42. The account was closed early June and before the due date.

Why is there interest charged on a closed account. The rep at the collections department stated we charge interest on revolving balance and I said "what balance?" The balance was paid in full and the account was closed. The rep did not have an answer for me. Not only that this was reported to the credit bureau.

How unfair and what a *** policy. They should really look into it to prevent being sued by other customers or losing more customers. When I went to pay the $5.42 the store clerk stated that I should have spoken with the manager and that it shouldn't have happen on a closed account with a 0 balance.

Has anyone else experience this? I very furious paying for others' incompetency.

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Manager.

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I experienced same thing. I closed my account on the phone.

I paid off my balance TWICE, every time ensured this is clearing the balance to 0. And then 3 months later, they wanted interest. I paid off everything and closed the account. Now I got a statement that I owe them more money..

for ***** what? They know I can't sue them over $2, but if I don't pay, I will need to pay more to block phone calls from random collection numbers at 6am. Macy's is the biggest scam ever.

I liked shopping there and used to spend a few thousands a year there, but after I've been treated like this, I will never spend a dollar more at Macy's. They were greedy to illegally get $2 from me, now they will not make $2,000 this christmas on me buying all the gifts.

to ex-customer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #712506

Wow! You are right that they are a scam and they can *** up for their mistake and f**ked system.

I am glad that I did not experience this alone. Was your account reported to the credit bureau? Mine was and they promised to clear it up, but lets see what other scam they have under their sleeves.

I feel that they shouldn't have screwed up in the first place. And ruining people's credit over their dumb mistake is totally wrong!

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