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I am not sure why Macy's bothered sending out these useless coupons under the guise of "Star Rewards". In short they are good for nothing.

Being unable to use them on the item I wanted I simply shopped at Lord and Taylor and found the same item I wanted at Macy's on sale for 60% without any hassle. I remembered the tricks Circuit City used to play with customers and look where it is now.

Macy's, watch out, your time shall arrive !!! I am no longer a believer that Macy's runs an honest business which, I believe, is a big mistake.

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I am sick and tired of Macys. I wish they can go out of business already, all these useless coupons and rewards for nothing just to fool the average consumer -sick.


What a joke. I challenge Mr.

Jeffery Gennette to read the fine print on the back of his bogus coupons!

Use your readers, magnifying glass, perhaps a microscope.Corporate office runs the same line of crap that the off shore customer help line does.Our vendors don't let us use our coupons.YOUR VENDORS DID'NT SEND ME ANY,YOU DID. STAR REWARDS,.....WHAT A SCAM.

Houston, Texas, United States #877120

It is just a shame!!! They sent me coupon's every month and none of them applied to any item in the stores.

The cashiers had always asked me to red the huge tiny, fine prints which clearly said the coupon are basically useless. I think the coupons are baits designed to get you into the store and find something you like.


I did read the fine print on the back of the coupon that worked for the Timberland shirt that was 40% off but not to the Timberland shirt that was 50% off ... except for one saying 40% off and the other 50% off, the sale signs in the store were identical ...

was the 50% off shirt denied because the fine print on the back of the coupon excludes "Everday Values (EDV), specials, Super Buys ..."? Or perhaps because it excludes "ALL REGULAR PRICED: ...

designer sportswear"? And why didn't it exclude the other shirt?

N - I think it really _is_ that difficult!


Maybe if you read the back of the coupon you'd know what it does and does not work on. It's really not that difficult.


Don't buy, simple!!!

Go to Kohl. When they send 20% off its for the entire store.



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