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Today, I went to Macy' to purchase various items .Total was $320.00.

When I went to purchase the items, my card did not work. I telephoned customer service to find out why. Gloria informed me my card was not used frequently (last purchase was August 2011), that they removed my available credit line to $100!!! What?!!!

I demanded to speak with a manager or close my account. The manager: Gabriel ~ She confirmed I now have a $100 credit limit, however, Gloria closed the acct.". What the heck, Gloria transferred me to the manager and closed my account! class act ***!!!

Manager can only stand by Gloria~~ the ***!!! I have never had bad Customer Service until Gloria and Gabriel!!! Too bad.

In this economy, I would have thought that they wanted customers!!!

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Bronx, New York, United States #1248098

i have never had such awful customer service in my life!!!! and i am not young! totally stinks!!!


Oh, one more thing.As I was speaking with Gabriel, "the manager", I stated to her that I would just like to purchase the one item $80~~ that's when she informed that per my request (what?!!) that Gloria closed the account prior to transferring me to the manager!!

Cool, don't have to buy from Macy's.... there is Barneys and Neiman.... Love them and never had a problem. They carry La Mer anyway (which I'm a BIG fan of)...

It was Christmas and I needed presents...

I spent over $2K elsewhere.In this economy, I do understand...


Too bad neither representative told me this.Maybe Macy's need to retrain their customer service representative's!!

I worked all my life in customer service, so I tend to be understanding and I am never an upset customer. I know that it's not their fault. However, The Representatives need know the company's procedures and explain. I'm glad that they closed the account.

I have been purchasing the same items elsewhere where they want my service and money. I won't recommend Macy's and in fact placed this on my Facebook account's. I have both a professional acct and an personal account!

What a shame.Macy's lost out on sales!


Macys credit has changed around recently (you've noticed, I'm sure).I know that associates need to call to have some transactions approved, which involves an approval code for transactions over a certain dollar amount.

This is a pain because you need to speak to a live representative and THEY need to manually approve your transaction and push it through.

If you have a new credit limit of $100, and (depending on your type of credit card) you might also need to make a pre-payment on it.This is generally explained in the manuals that accompany your credit card, and that can be requested at anytime from

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