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November 8, 2011

Macy's Department Stores

CEO Terry Lungren

P.O. Box 526036

Sacramento, CA 95852

Macy's is the worst place for CUSTOMER SERVICE. They actually just pass the buck from one person to another without offering any resolution with the exception of they are right and you are wrong! They hold all of the CARDS!!!!!

It all began with the salesperson (Lucinda) and her not telling us that " part" of our furniture purchase "a rug" was on BACK ORDER!

We spent about $3000 with the purchase of a couch, loveseat and rug as ONE transaction. When the rug did not arrive with the couches, I CALLED and then they told me it would be a back ordered item. They wanted to send it AFTER the first HOLIDAY season in October, which the salesperson KNEW that had been unacceptable or we would not have made the purchase. PLUS SHE DID NOT MEASURE THE CORRECT CARPET SIZE FOR THE LENGTH OF THE COUCHES!

Now let's track the number of "CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AND MANAGERS we were passed too, in the last few weeks!

#1 Salesperson, LUCINDA #2 Furniture Manager SABRINA, #3 Store Manager FRANKIE FONTANE, (PASADENA STORE), #4 Assistant Store Manager JUAREZ, #5 District CARPET MANAGER, DEREK LOPEZ, #6 Customer service rep. with MACY'S PRESIDENTIAL MURRAY, #7 MACY'S BIG TICKET customer service rep. ABE, back to #8 Macy's Presidential customer service rep. JUAN BERRARO, #9 FINALLY (which I found this out on my own) corporate office REP. LUCINDA STEWART!

That is correct my husband and I got transferred to NINE, count that NINE different people!

THE WORST PART of all this is that they actually LIED AND COMMITTED (WHAT I BELIEVE) HAS BEEN FRAUD and they are going to get away with this unless you pass this E-MAIL ALONG.

Here is the fraudulent part! The first manager said they found a rug for us to be delivered however he did not tell us that THEY MACY'S, had taken it OFF OF A DISPLAY and then proceeded to dry clean it!

The reason I found out about this was because when they delivered the rug, it still had DAMAGED marks on it from the clips it hung on it the store! AT NO TIME was I told I was going to receive USED MERCHANDISE AT THE FULL PRICE I PAID!

The store manager FRANKIE FONTANE (PASADENA MACY'S) said he had no authority over the RUG that it was from a leased department at MACY'S and he referred me to DEREK LOPEZ, from MINX CARPETING!

Now remember when I said we HAD PURCHASED THIS ALL FROM MACY'S IN ONE TRANSACTION! Ridiculous as this may sound, they kept telling us this story over and over and over again!


Again, I am pleading with ALL of you to forward this E-MAIL ALERT TO EVERYONE you know, as the PUBLIC NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF THIS!

I am sending a copy of this to the CEO, TERRY LUNGREN, however, the corporate number where I finally was offered for them to take back the furnishings plus a $50.00 IN STORE credit for my inconvenience is (800) 227-0859 Ext. 73259!

Please call their and speak with Lucinda Stewart if you are having a similar situation, because she will be glad to offer you this whooping store credit for HOURS AND HOURS OF COUNTLESS wasted time!

It took me WEEKS, to get a hold of her phone number and to find out about Mr. LUNGREN, so please make sure you go DIRECTLY to them so you do not have to go through all of the USELESS, managers, store managers, carpet managers, and customer service representatives who have ABSOLUTELY, NO AUTHORITY to do anything for you to resolve ANY OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDS OR COMPLAINTS.

They actually, ending up telling us (lies) yes, I know that sounds strong, however, MR. JUAN BERRARO from the FLORIDA offices, told me he spoke with the store managers and he could not give us the names of the managers or the TELPHONE NUMBERS for any of them! We were on the phone with him for approximately, 2 HOURS.






P.O. BOX 526036


I hope this letter helps anyone else who is being given the run around by MACY'S or MACY'S PRESIDENTIAL OR MACY'S BIG TICKET OR MINX CARPETING or whatever, else they are calling themselves these days!

Thank you for listening and reading as I blog on about this AWFUL, AWFUL COMPANY WHO FEELS THEY HAVE ALL OF POWER OVER US THE SMALL CONSUMER!



Monetary Loss: $2.

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Buyer beware! If ANYONE is shopping Macy’s for furniture, DO NOT get taken for a fool like we were by purchasing their worthless Worry no more guarantee!

we were lied to when we purchased it - the sales woman said it was “Macy’s credit” but turns out it is only for the Macy’s furniture department and from there the restrictions are nuts! We found 9 items we bought we might use the $348 on and one by one found out they weren’t eligible. They basically bank on people not being able to use it - from the tight timeline you are given to initiate the credit to all the restrictions on what furniture qualifies for it’s use. Macy’s should be ashamed and I cannot believe with all the complaints about this *** guarantee that there isn’t a class action lawsuit yet.

It appears that people who tried to use it are often denied as well. This offering is not worth the paper the mailed certificate came on.


I cannot get thru to l Stewart with this number

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1302423

over $2100 taken by Macys for nothing

On Jan 2, we were going to order online at Macys.com for a Beautyrest mattress set. Our clicking through led to the instruction “Call 1-800-BUY-MACY (289-6229)”.

Called. sales agent Alex took the order for a total of $1,065.19.

She asked for payment info. I provided the 16 digits of the Plenti card which had 289,500 points (equivalent to $2,895) available.

She entered the 16 digits, and soon indicated that she could not get the order through. However both she and I (in front of a computer looking at Plenti account transactions) could see instantly that the balance of the Plenti account had dropped by 2 x 106,519.

Apparently Alex had hit some button twice for the double charge. The Plenti transaction screen already displayed “01/02/2017 Macy’s deducted 106,519 pts” TWICE.

Alex and I spent the next couple of hours on the phone speaking to Plenti Support (associated with American Express), and various departments of Macys try to rectify the $2,130.38 charge.

We finally spoke to someone at Macy’s Plenti Department, who was able to locate the transactions, and he said to Alex and I that he had processed refunds for both of the $1,065.19 charges, and that it may take a day or so for the credit to go back to the Plenti account.

Alex and I then decided to place the mattress order again once the points (money) is back to the Plenti account. She gave me her extension x08015 to call when ready. Long story short, over two month later to this date, the refund is still not back.

It has been a frustrating ordeal which is only getting more and more bizarre and frustrating. Ever since Jan 2, I had called numerous times to follow-up, spending total of over 30 hours with Macys on the phone, being bounced from one department to another: Customer Service, Furniture department, Macy’s Credit Card Department, Macy’s Plenti department, and Plenti’s support. Still, no resolution after these many hours. It was frustrating that you can’t reach the same agent again to follow-up, even when asking by their name.

Every call would land with someone new. Every call would start from square one. Even asking to speak to department head or supervisor has been to no avail. I have been put on-hold, questioned and repeatedly asked to verify with Plenti Support in a multi-party call that the charges were indeed deducted and have not been refunded.

A few agents were helpful, including Trudy, Steve, Jasmine, Alex. Most helpful call perhaps was with Trudy on Feb 4, who finally initiated a “Sales Audit” based on the original sales check # 281-230-36 and the 16 digit Plenti card number. Another promising call was on 2/21. I was told that based on that Audit, refunds were issued on Feb 14, it may take 2-3 weeks to process.

Time line has passed. Still no refunds. I followed up Saturday March 11. To my dismay, I was told there was no way the refund could have been issued as there was no payment info attached to the sales check.

Again I was being transferred from one Macys department to another Macys department. The lady from Furniture department summarized the issue after communicating with Alex: ‘customer was charged as if the order went through’. These were her words during a 3-way call on Mar 11 to Macy’s Plenti department (Chris) on a recorded line. Chris said he ‘will get it resolved today’.

And later called that he would have to get a bit more info and get me back on Monday (Mar 13). So far, no phone calls. No refunds. No follow-up.

It just turned so bizarre. I took a day off today from office in anticipation of getting Chris’ call. When no call was forthcoming, I called back. Macy’s Plenti department said they do not have a supervisor named Chris, and she could not find any related info about the Saturday March 11 call either.

The Saturday call that took me 2.5 hours between being put on hold, being transferred, and being asked to repeat the information, that started at 10:45am, and ended at 1:15PM, just “vanished” in Macys’ system. Back to the Furniture department, a lady eventually said her department could not help, that it could not have been charged without an order going through. It appears she was basically implying either the charge was not there to revert, or they have no way of refunding as they do not have sales info. That is the last straw.

I said in that case, the only thing I can do is going through some legal channel. She did not seem to care. As a matter of fact, nobody seemed to care as they all indicated it is the other Macys’ department who should look into it. Many calls to Plenti Support end up as similarly fruitless.

On the initial call on Jan 2 together with Alex, Plenti Support expected the mis-charge be reverted automatically. Later on, they opened a formal recovery case. However, still no resolution. They are “waiting for Macy’s back office response.” … My biggest complaints are: Macys Furniture department should never have charged a customer TWICE for an order they claim that did not go through.

Making it worse, no department or individual is taking the ownership or responsibility to see the problem get resolved and the customer get refunded. Up to this point, I have been getting the run-around, and more run-around… To the blunt statement that there was no way they can issue the refund… I have asked many times to speak to the head of the department. However I have not been able to get to anyone who is willing to take the responsibility to help a customer, who has seen over $2,000 gone from account without product or service being provided.

More than two month later, we still have not seen a refund being issued, or Macys’ willingness to resolve it. Macys needs to step up and get the $2,130.38 charged by mistake back to the customer immediately.


I would like to say that people work at Macy's Westfield Oakridge are very rude. The ways that they respond to the customers and employees are impolite

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #909561

LOL !! [Laurie, I know it's not funny]

That's life in America today...

no one is accountable, responsible, we got your $$, go take a hike... go through endless telephone screening procedures, identify yourself over and over and over as you're passed along...

The one that really kills me tho, is the cost of Identity Theft and Fraud in the world of irresponsible marketing... $22 Billion and counting, lost, just this year alone!

Costs passed on, of course, to consumers, because these smart-a__ marketing folks can't figure out they need to stop enabling the thieves. You want to open an account? OK, we 1). take your drivers license, scan it into our data base, 2).

take your photo similar to a D.L photo, 3). take your thumb print and store it all with your new acct number. Then, after these clever folks at Macy's, who have NO COMMON SENSE, proceed to send the VICTIM of ID Theft form, after form, after form, apparently trying to figure out if you, the VICTIM of their lax credit policies, are actually the crook! Unbelievable.

It must cost them big bucks to administer all the useless paperwork they generate. Bet they could "up" their per share earnings if they were just a little bit smarter...

Los Angeles, California, United States #901808

You Are so right

Forget EVER buying furniture from Macys

A 2 week wait turned into four, then six.

They NEVER called ONCe to notify me of the delay.

When it FINALLY arrived (after 7 calls to customer support and a $200 credit), they told me it would take a WEEK! To deliver

This is the WORST customer service I ever had experienced - FLAT out I will NEVER buy furniture from Macys again unless it is in stock and ready for delivery

Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #686570

Macy's customer service is horrible I recommend calling their presidential offices at 877-887-8781 and discuss your problems with president terry lungdren. By calling this number you avoid all red tape and non English speaking robots.

Good luck and call 877-887-8781 9 to 5 m-f located in mason, oh!!!

Tell them jarrett sent you! Your lucky in that you were only transferred 9 times, I've probably dealt with close to 30 people overall :( pissed!


Macy's is the worst place to shop or work! And they are selling gold jewelry made from "dirty gold", gold which is mined by small children working in slave labor conditions in Africa and Peru!

Not to mention all the clothes made in Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

The 99% needs to shop elsewhere! :x


Macy's is the worst place to shop or work! And they sell gold jewelry made from "dirty gold" which was mined by small children working in slave labor conditions in Africa and Peru! Not to mention all the clothes they have which are made in Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.


On three separate visits to Macy"s 34th Street I attempted to purcahse items which was asked of me from, Jamaica in the Caribbean. First visit to the store, Jones New York, I was sent to Signature, Signature sent me around the corner, around the corner said it's where I came from or across the hall.

Went back there, it's not there. second visit same reaction. Sent to the Macy's Brand whichable.

As I say, I had a list which take to mens, children, fragrance and more.

I asked Ms. Lessall "what floor is the children's department. She said 7.

I went to the seven floor to find children's sweaters and engaged with the manager who as in the processing of helping me. Here comes Ms. Lessall with the two items I had been looking for over three visits to the store.

Question to Ms. Lessall, "how did you know to find me", she said you asked for the children's floor".

Was I full of joy and the fact that we concertedly/consciously, a team of us not to shop at any other store besides Macy's restore my commitment and enthusiasm.

I texted Jamaica in the Caribbean immediately and landed the good news. And continue to lament on the interest and dedication an employee could render.

To Ms. Lenore Lessall, "it"s not what you do, it's how well you do so."

To add a little drama to the happenings, I left my coupon at the office and had to fetch them. Ms. Lessall, was there and her manager, as well to supervise the process.

Great experience.


After writing my comments which were positive. The message came back incorrect code: and I am loooking at the code.

I just very pleased when Macy"s employee Lenore Lessall of the Jones New York Department out of her way to do her job.


I will never shop at Macy's again -- EVER!!! I was treated so poorly at the Macy's in Swansea, Massachusetts and when I attempted to complain, it was a complete joke.

Good! No problem for me. Macy's doesn't want to hear anyone's complaints and I absolutely will not shop in a store where they employ individuals like Susan Roche who think they are above reproach and can speak to customers in any manner they see fit. No thank you.

Being treated like trash is not my idea of a good shopping experience. It was nice knowing you Macy's.

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