I have been geting swamped with calls on my cell phone from Macy's collections asking me to call them.I receive these calls numerous times a day telling me to call them back (800-501-3207).

I called them months ago and they had a different name assigned to my phone. I told them they had the wrong # and to stop harrassing me. The phone calls stopped for about 2 months and now they have started again. What kind of moronic company does this?

Is there any way of blocking this number on my cell phone?I'm sure other people are being harrassed as well.


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New York, New York, United States #1347246

This was the second call today.I didn't answer and the call went to my machine.

A robovoice said, Calling with important information.......".This is Not from Macy's ( I work there in customer service).there would be a notice in your bill if "important information" needed to be imported.


Rec'd this as a robocall twice in one day,, i added my newly changed number to the do not call registry a few days ago so im not sure if this is a somewhat legitimate call or full on automated scam. All i know is if these fking recordings keep harrassing me im just about ready to do away with phones all together

Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States #1216418

Because Citibank now runs Macys credit. POS to deal with (i used to work at Macys and they harass everyone!)

Newark, New Jersey, United States #1192391

I did call the phone number on my statement to ask if the above phone number was valid and the customer service representative said it was.Apparently I had missed a July payment and Macy's was calling to inform me that there was no payment for that month.

I did look at my last statement and saw there was a late payment fee of $27.00 which I was able to waive for one time but accepted the $2.13 interest charges on purchases.

I always pay my balance in full every month and because of that I believe Macy's credited me the $27.00 late payment fee.

Regarding them calling me, my phone always rang once and so really I had no time to pick up the phone to answer it.I too was weary of the calls and so I did a redial of the number and a customer service representative had a heavy accent and immediately asked for my account number and I immediately hung up.

If you do receive a phone call from the above number just call the phone number on your statement and let the account representative explain to you why you had been receiving the calls and again ask if the above phone number is valid (800-511-3207).


I'm getting 4 calls a day. I've asked for them to stop and nothing just more calls. Class action lawsuit maybe??


I get so many calls for this piece of *** company - Macys.They refuse to take us off the list.

Twice everyday. Filed about 50+ complaints to the FCC - to no avail.

Macys just lost a customer.What a f*ed up company.


I received several calls from 800-511-3207 and called it back.Though I was hesitant to provide any info, I provided my phone number, and then my name and last 4 of my social.

It was a legitimate call thought I was not past due on my account.

I did not, however, make a payment last month b/c I had refunded several items.I went ahead and made a payment and provided the last 4 numbers of my checking acct that they had on file.


This number keeps calling me and I do not even have a macy's account. I have not even used my card at a Macy's in a few months. I do not know how they got my number.

Los Angeles, California, United States #949900

If you have iPhone just press i next to the # which means info and scroll to the bottom and press block this caller

San Francisco, California, United States #940652

I called the number back and someone answered right away.Told them I had paid my bill yesterday and that my account is up to date.

They asked for my account number but didn't want to give it over the phone so the guy searched for my Macy's account using my phone number.

It came up and he confirmed the amount I had paid.Then told me the calls would be stopping after today.

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