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MACY’S HIRING ILLEGAL WORKERS, NO MUCH EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION BY MACY’SArmenians working for Macy’s Department Store at Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 are the most disgusting people I ever meet. You will find them at Macy’s women, men, juniors, shoes, handbags & accessories, watches, beauty, kids, for the home, bed & bath, kitchen, holiday lane, jewelry, furniture, special salesINS, IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES MUST COME AND CHECK THE LEGAL STATUS ON ALL THE ARMENIANS WORKING FOR MACY’S AT SHERMAN OAKS, CA 91423No jobs or employment for American, but Macy’s hired lot of ArmeniansWhen the USA is having 23 million of unemployed people, those Armenians are getting jobs everywhere. Macy’s hired 75% or more of Armenians people instead of American or others groups. Also at Macy’s Burbank, Glendale and PasadenaArmenians, if they may have the chance to do so, they will replace the US American flag by the Armenians flag. Most Armenians don’t fit into our society and reject America and having no respect for anything AmericanAlso it is nonsense to think that Macy’s routinely will complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification-uscis- Macy’s will do so, if they want to, and perhaps Macy’s will not comply with the law as often as they shouldRemains to be seen by the INS Authorities if actual legal documents were not obtained by fake’s birth certificates, getting approval by corrupted employees making dirty money on itArmenians by a large number are working at Social Security Offices, DMV, and Welfare Offices and at all the banks. Armenians employees having access to sensitive information can provide a helping hand to another Armenian. Armenians believe in Armenian PowerYou follow the dots?Some banks employees or some government employees may be enticed and willing to get into the business to provide ID, Social Security numbers or maybe credit card information to crooks. California spotted many cases of stolen information, half of them stolen from banks files by employees, experts outside the banks or government employeesNot working Armenians young males are driving very expensive Mercedes and BMW’s cars and appear to be they have plenty of money to spendAn important number of Armenians opens its own business as auto repair shop, used car dealer, transmission repair, used auto parts, auto body shop, gas stations, grocery store, and medical supplies and provide jobs to undocumented Armenian people (Some Armenians business owners are also undocumented aliens themselves or registered the business under a different person)Macy’s has a policy of hiring Armenians without looking if a number of these employees have legal documents to work in the USA. Macy’s, how the system works:Armenians working already for Macy’s always bring friends, family members or members of its community; others apply for a job at Macy’s.An Armenian manager will review the application and approve the applicantMacy’s scavenger for business is well known and it doesn’t matter if it will violate US Immigration LawsCities of Glendale, Burbank and Van Nuys is 70 to 80% taken by Armenians and well as most businesses and the number still going upMacy’s hired Armenians people at the department store, because Armenians are not friendly people and will not buy anything from other nationality, whether they are American or not, unless the salesman is an ArmenianThose Armenians were raised and educated by the ex Soviet Union (the Russians) for 70 years, living in a communist regime that made their life easy without not much working at all, all paid by the Russians, but they also learned how to cheat, steal and been part of the mafiaArmenians by very large numbers immigrated to the USA, but its legal status has to be checked by the INS, ASAPMost Armenians are not well educated people and do not qualify for special VISAS to get jobs in the USA (they are not software engineers needed for 4 years by Intel)Armenians labels themselves as Christians, but Armenian people hate others nationalities without distinction. Armenians do not like anybody, except themselvesArmenians still having inside their mind, a communist mind of favoritism and rejectionMore than 2 million Armenians are living in Los Angeles and several cities in the San Fernando Valley, and I think a large number of them are illegal Armenians, getting help from powerful Armenians and Russian groups that provide all kind of help, including false documentsAfter the dissolution of the ex Soviet Union, Armenia became a free country with an elected presidentFree countries already living in a democracy, do not qualify to have an unlimited quota approved by the US Immigration Authorities on the number of immigrants allow to enter legally the US. Armenia do not qualify for any large number of immigrants to enter the USAOn every foreign country the number of immigrants allows is: 8,000, 15,000, 30,000 or even a little higher, but never unlimitedIt is my view that perhaps half of those Armenians in the US are illegal immigrants having not legal documents to work in the USAMany years ago, Armenians enter to the USA as refuges due to the Soviet Union occupation on Armenia (Armenia was a communist country)Armenians can not longer qualify as refugees and are restricted to enter the USA, the same with any other foreign country around the world having a democratic governmentBut Armenians, often used documents from other countries to enter the USA, such as Turkey, Iran, Germany and moreIt is a nonsense to think that many Armenians are legal immigrants living in the USA, when the USA never had and has not a policy to allow millions of people to emigrated from one particular country (Armenia)

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Los Angeles, California, United States #596499


Without any doubt in my mind, Macy's is the worst company to work for

I keep thinking; how all these terrible things happen in America and especially at Macy's

having a self made label of "MAGIC", when actually there is lot of corruption inside?

The American people is the one to pay the price for its corruption and wrong doing, not just only on our good name as American but on also our reputation as well



Well, Macy's won't need to use any gun at all; Macy's is doing as much damage to people without using any gun at all

The Magic of Macy's!

Long Beach, California, United States #587667

It is a shame that in America foreigners are taking the jobs from the American people and getting government jobs

Armenians are not fit to handle the US business and putting at risk our security

I noticed that communication with Armenians people is hard and you never know what is in the back or their mind

We need to put a heavy hand on companies like Macy's hiring illegal people

Armenians are very well known to dislike this country and they have zero contribution to the United States of America

Armenians are thick accented people and all the time speaking the strange Armenian language

My message for the Armenians is: Love it or leave it!

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