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We purchased a brand new mattress from Macy's. When we received it, it had a few darkish brown/black spots at the bottom corner, which we thought was ink or something splattered.

Since last week these spots spread all around Mattress and now see bugs...it's disgusting I called Macy's to inform them and seeking replacement..The Supervisor named Kianna accused us of lying and now I'm out $625 and No Bed to sleep in.

I've been a customer of Macy's for 15+ years. I've contacted several news stations and am seeking justice

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I have two friends that work for the distribution center in Owasso OK, they said management is aware of the problem but are tying to keep it on the down low. Tulsa news on 6 finally got informed of it I hope something gets done.

to Peyton #1540748

I work at the Macys in Owasso. News on 6 did a poor job of broadcasting this, misquoting employees and making a bigger hype of what is going on.

There have been a few unconfirmed sightings and a couple that were confirmed. They are taking appropriate action on this matter. We have had several meetings about this since the broadcasting and have seen the past control companies coming in and out; spraying, quarantining the areas, and doing follow ups. It is not an outbreak and only confined to a couple areas.

This can happen everywhere and it is understandable why management wants to keep it low key. But they should have done a better job of informing the employees before it got to this point.


I worked (left because of bedbug issue) at macys distribution center. I can confirm that they are infested with them.

We have a section there that we go through return clothes, and houseware stuff and put it back on the market (online or in stores) for full price. There is bond to have bugs there. Its nasty and they even fired people who have posted and talked about it on social media.

I left so that i wouldn't risk bringing them home. Don't shop there

to Renee Gibbs #1536736

Is this recent? What city? Any details?


Macy's pick up old beds from customers and it contaminates the new beds that are on delivery trucks..this is why you are getting bedbugs and fleas among other issues that arise from mixing old beds with new beds..it unhealthy and unlawful.


Hello. I had never seen a bed bug, until I purchased a black and white comforter from Macys.

I always wash my new items, but my husband opened it to surprise me,.. as I lay on the bed a bed bug crawled from the black crease straight to my arm..

I am very disturbed by this. Disgusted.


I bought two mattress at Macy's and for my daughters and my oldest daughter was waking up everyday with bumps all over, I took her to the doctors and they did all kinds of blood work and nothing everything was good, then one night she was on her bed and saw a bug on her pillow so last night my husband and I decide to look under her mattress once we lift the mattress the box was full of bed bugs,, I'm going to Macy's tomorrow and I'm going to let them know and they better do something about this...

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1248104

My sister just bought a new mattress from Macy's 11/16. Something was biting her at night.

She got up to see what was biting her and she saw critters on the bed. She has bites all over her body.

Los Altos, California, United States #1072049

I purchased a mattress from Macy Hillsdale. My bed was delivered on 11/18/2015.

I have approximately 80 to 90 bed bug bites. So far, I’ve seen my dermatologist, got a prescription, and made several calls and talked with several people at Macy but no results. I’m very concerned about infestation, and this is a very serious health issue for me since I am a senior, and since I have nodules on my lungs.

Pesticides are not an option for me. I will contact “Seven on Your Side”


I purchased a mattress from Macy Hillsdale. My bed was delivered on 11/18/2015.

I have several dozens bed bug bites. I am now sleeping in my rocker recliner. So far, I have seen my dermatologist, gotten a prescription, and have made several calls and talked with several people, but no results. I can't go on like this.

Perhaps I had better contact Seven on your Side. Any suggestions?


My mother bought me a new mattres and box springs from Macy's a year ago. I barely slept on the bed because i work in the city and am not barely home.

I just noticed that the box spring is infested with bed bugs!!!! i have been up all night unable to sleep. I want them to give me a new mattress and box spring..or they are going to have a big problem with me...thats for sure first time i ever experience such thing. I live in a brand new house built in 2012 so there is no way i could have these bed bugs.

Im really upset right now.

to madness #1352340

Same my daughters box spring was infested, I saw it last night when I told my husband we have to see what's going on, she was waking up with bits and I have taking her to her doctor and done blood work and they couldn't find anything, and yes I'm going to Macy's and they better do something or else I'm going to channel 12 news and let them know what's going on with their mattress...

Los Angeles, California, United States #709766

Our mattress from Macy's came with fleas - $1500 in home flea treatment and they are still not gone!!! We do not have pets and have never had a bug problem of any sort.

:( :( :( :( :(

to I hate fleas #831211

Calling BS on the "fleas" story! Fleas only exist/breed if they have a bloodmeal (normally from animals ie: dogs/cats).

They CANNOT "live" on a mattress, or anything else for that matter, unless they are able to *** and draw blood... perhaps it is POSSIBLE the fleas came into your house thru other means, like a person!

to sally #873076

Not true, fleas can live 20-60 days between meals and a clean new mattress shipped on a delivery truck can be exposed to a mattress infested with fleas or bed bugs that was removed as part of the delivery of a new mattress. If the delivery truck is not sanitized between deliveries, the vermin can infest the truck. While the vermin will eventually die without a host, they can live long enough to hitch a ride on the deliveries and the delivery persons who are in the truck and then in people's homes.


macys does NOT pick up bedding which is reported to have bed bugs...they actually send someone to confirm and when they do they ask YOU to dispose of the mattress and give you a credit to purchase something else...FYI 8)

to anonymous #732892

Not true. Macy's sold me a mattress pad that had bed bugs, it infested my house.

As a result I had to get a new bed. I purchased it from Macy's (a different store) and told them about the bed bug problem.

They removed my bed bug infested mattress from my driveway when they delivered the new one.

to anonymous #873078

Anonymous --We just bought a mattress from Macys and paid for removal of the old mattress, which was loaded unwrapped onto the delivery truck, next to other new items waiting to be delivered. At no time did anyone ask if there might be bed bug contamination.

What do you base your statement on?

to anonymous #1455016

Who would report that they have bedbugs? Lol they pick up any old bed for a price.


No Kidding!!! I just bought a bed last month from Macy's and both my boyfriend and I are getting bites too.

I can't believe this! I had my old bed for 15 years and never had this happen until now.

I thought by purchasing a new mattress would be the best way to go but evidently not! I'm pissed

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