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I get all these 15% to 20% off bonus cards in the mail, and high tail up to Macy's to use them on a couple purchases......better read the really small print about all the exclusion before you go!After the LIST goes on and on, you realize there isn't a stinking thing you can use them for.

I only bought two items, and had to pay full price, so I threw them in the trash when I got home. Keep your wonderful passes and birthday "gifts" that say you'll save with your store credit card, Macy's.

You just lost a really good customer that is tired of the jokes you play on well meaning, faithful customers.Bye bye!

Review about: Macys Credit Card.

Reason of review: misleading advertisements.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


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There are tons of things you can use the coupons on!You can't use them on "specials" or deals of the day because those are already discounted as low as Macys can go with them.

Also on high end handbags such as Coach or Michael Kors they usually don't apply except during Friends and Family. You have to learn "the ropes". Look at coupons from other stores. They too have many exclusions.

If you become a hard core Macy's shopper you will automatically know what to use them on and you can really get some unbelievable bargains!I do way better there than at TJ Max or Marshalls!


I totally agree.No discount cards ever apply.

Same on line purchases

What a scam

Today the sales lady kept badgering to belong to Thanks for Sharing" So I eventually gave in. Charged me $25.00 to my Macy credit card then gave me a coupon that gives me $25.00 off the next purchase of $100.00 or more of regular priced & sale items in store. Using your Macy card. Expires Nov 16, doesn't show the year.

But turn it over and it shows exp 2017. Plus tells you all the exclusions in 20 lines of print. Which is about 5 exclusions per line. Looks like I can't buy anything at a discount.

I am so sorry I did this Sharing crap.No wonder they are loosing money.

Summerfield, Florida, United States #1296533

it is now march and i have not received the thanks for sharing card. have they already been sent and am i missing mine? thanks

to debra #1309111

I didn't get mine back either

to Anonymous #1392183

The $25 is only used once on a purchase of $100 or more. After that, 10% is taken off all your purchases until the end of the year, Dec 31st. That shows up on your Macy's card statement.

Bremerton, Washington, United States #1262557

I love it!Get my money back every year and then some and then some more.

It's all about timing and how much you spend.I sign up as soon as it starts and try to do as much Christmas shopping at Macy's during thanks for sharing as I can.

to Anonymous Dublin, Ohio, United States #1288871

When do we get the gift card for things for sharing? Its mid Feb and still no gift card!!


I have joined TFS.This will be my 3rd year.

I enjoy giving, especially around the Holidays. The first 2 years I got my $25.00 back in a gift card

Last year it tripped. I used to love shopping at Macy's. I go to Lakewood Mall in CA.

But the buyers are so far off the mark. The clothing is horrible. So ugly. The things I do like are...

Levi's. Fragrance and Cosmetics. Children's and baby clothes and shoes. I buy a T shirt or Cardigan sometimes.

And I have found a few beautiful blouses

This is over a long time. I need to go check out South Coast Plaza Macy's and see how their buyers compare

These are 2 completely different areas. One is for the rich from everywhere in the world, the other is in a low to mid income area. I don't think that should make such a difference in how the buyers choose their product.

I do know at SVP they have a fur salon and more expensive items

When Macy's was Bullock's it was the best. Especially any of the Wilshire stores

Too bad they are gone and too bad the sales people really don't make that much commission. My mom worked at Bullocks Wilshire at Doth Coast Plaza in the 80's and 90's She made bank! She was in cosmetics and fragrance It was awesome Amy we, not real thrilled with the yuck styles at Macy's.

They are not up to date. Now I always use my coupons.

You just have to know what areas to shop in to use them You can not, unfortunately, use them on Levi's or cosmetic or fragrance Open ay wallet account and all of your discounts and coupons will autistically be on your card.And ask if you can use your coupons on the its you want Sometimes the sales associates will ring up separately so you can get the best possible deal with your coupons and the extra percentage off Just be your usual nice and caring self Happy shopping

to Anonymous #1392186

Only 3 dept earn commission, Jewelry, Shoes & Cosmetics.The styles are bad & "So 90's", yet you're looking for fur??


Isn't that SO 70's?Smh!


If you were mad and paid the money for items that you then threw away because you were mad...boy, you really showed them.They made a profit, you didn't get anything.

Next time, I would try returning the items.This is so *** it makes me think this is a joke.

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