Re: Macy's unethical practices.I tried to pay my Macy's bill today.

I have a balance of $200 on my revolving charge account and a balance of $3000 on my "deferred interest" account, with no interest for 2 years. Today I went into the store tried to pay on the deferred interest account and the clerk told me the "computer" would not let her enter a payment on this account. She did not know why. So I went to another department, and tried to pay on the deferred interest account, and got the same response.

I was told I had to make a payment on the revolving account before I could make a payment on the deferred interest account. So I made a payment on the revolving account, and then they refused to accept a payment on the deferred interest account, saying the new law mandates that a customer can only make one payment per month. They cited the "Credit Card Act of 2010".

I looked it up and there is nothing in the law which mandates a customer can only make one payment.Note to self- no more shopping at Macy's, and pay cash!

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I just got a call from Macy's from India.The person told me my pymt from Nov and Dec this year did not go thru he had me make a pymt then proceeded to tell me there is an additional 15.00 added I made the pymt, I asked to be transfered and got someone from the US she was nice she explained Macys had just transfered all customers checkig account numbers recently and some of them were wrong.

She looked up my account and told me sorry we made a mistake.

She offered to take the 15.00 off fixed my account number on my checking acct and told me my credit would not be affected.I don't believe it I owe 70.00 will pay this off in a few weeks then I am done....No more shopping as macy's


I actually attempted to pay off my card.What Macy's did was to delay posting the payment in order to charge late fees.

Then the company did not contact me at all for over a year. They closed my account and sent a collection agency after me saying I owed Macy's $200+ dollars.

I called the agency to try to find out what the charges were for. 6 phone calls later, I still couldn't get anyone to explain the charges.

The collection agency said they would settle the amount for 65% of the charge. I just wanted it to go away so I paid it (dumb move). Apparently the collection agency did not report this as a settlement. Macy's is holding me hostage on my credir report for $83.

Every other card has a zero balance.Macy's is just plain evil.


I just got my Macys bill in the mail.I am an outstanding customer and always pay the entire bill before any charges or interest accrue.

Today my balace was $17.95, I noticed that I had a charge of $15.95 for a product I purchased. Then I look down and see a $2 charged they call 'FEES CHARGE'. So I call them up and the rep explains that fees charge is just a fee for a revolving account. WHAT?????

Macys charges a $2 fee if I have a postive balance for the month? I immediately cancelled the card even though they said 'Oh we can take that off." Hahaha and see it show up again on my next bill? I don't think so. How many other people are getting scammed this way?

They say "Oh, you don't have a macys coupon for this item?" and you say "No, where do I find them" and they say "Oh, we can sign you up for a revolving Macys credit card account" Macys is the biggest scam artists in the world.DON'T GET A MACY'S CARD!!!!!


That last person is an employee!!

I also didn't know so many employees had spelling issues.......


There are a lot of unethical things about Macy's credit, but this isn't one of them. The new federal law was put in place to try to save you money. The reasoning is; why would you make an unnecessary payment on an account that is charging no interest, when you have a balance on a different account that is charging you interest?


It is not a store policy, it is a federal law. if the employee doesn't esplain to your satisfaction then call a manager


Please chop up those credit cards.Avoid hassles and save your money.

Never try to keep up with what the "fashion industry" says are must haves.

You must have money in order to feel great about yourself.Not a "hot" color or style.


I payed my bill one week late after returning from an overseas trip and began getting harassing 'reminder' calls from Macy's credit bureau.They would not stop calling until I could give them a payment transaction number.

Then they charged me a $29 late fee. I have never missed a payment after over 30 years and found this behavior to an excellent customer intolerable.

I have canceled my Macy's account and will do no further business with a company that harasses it's best customers.Penny wise pound foolish.


It isn't store policy, it's the new law.

We don't have anything to do with it. The new law states that:

"Payments above the minimum should be applied to the highest interest rate balance first, followed by the next highest interest rate, except in the case of a balance with deferred interest. If you have a balance deferred interest, the entire payment will go toward that balance in the last two billing cycles of the promotion."

Understand? I hope so, maybe you should spend a little more than 2 seconds reading the entire credit act!


I too have 2 accounts, one for general and one for no interest.If you pay on the general until it performs a credit balance at the end of the no interest time all "credit" balance will be applied towards the no interest account.

I hope I explained this to your understanding.Macey's does not hire the best, as a result they do not always understand the "problem" or "solution either.

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