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I just cancelled my Macy's card because of the following: 1. The call center is in India 2. You cannot use a coupon with a $ off card that is sent to you as a "Friends and Family" package 3. Received a $30 promotional coupon and could not use it on line and then it expired (5 days to use it). 4. Paid off my card and then received a $2.88 bill - not cool! 5. Has ads saying they'll help Veterans, maybe Veterans can use a job at a call center -...
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Anonymous It does say that on the coupons, but once again, a rude entitled customer who doesn't bother to do THEIR job and read the back of the coupon. Also I know for a fact that the...


MattD78 "2. You cannot use a coupon with a $ off card that is sent to you as a "Friends and Family" package"
No store lets you combine coupons/sales. I am sure it even says on said...

I have been a customer of Macy's since 1970.However, I am so tired of their constant MAILING of coupons and paper when we live in such a polluted world. Our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the mess we leave behind. Instead of Macy's taking responsibility and sending the coupon via a text message, they pollute and pollute by using the U.S. to MAIL BILLIONS of paper ads. Isn't this over the top? Isn't this vintage advertising...
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MattD78 You do realize that most of the Macy's customer base either don't have the type of phones needed to receive electronic coupons or don't want their phones cluttered with electr...

There is a saleswoman at Stonestown who works in the mens department. She refuses to try and validate discount coupons. She states that it doesn't work and does not try. This gives Macy's a bad image, after all a retail store is about service. That's what the store is selling besides merchandise. Management should train their sales people to be customer oriented and not focused on their sales commission. When I shop at this Macy's I have...
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Macys Coupon Review

Macy only send coupons to one member per household. If there are more than one card holders in a household, only one will receive coupons. This is ridiculous!