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I purchased a piece of furniture at Macys New York on July 4th and as of 7/24 I still do have a delivery date. I have been dealing with customer service attempting to get a valid certificate of insurance so my Co-Op will authorize the delivery.

This has been the most painstaking process I have ever had to deal with. I literally have been on the phone almost 8 hours trying to get this done. I escalated the issue to a supervisor and she was the worse of them all. She was short and rude and didn't call me back as she had promised.

I have shopped at Macys for at least 20 years and have been totally turned off. I am cancelling the order and cancelling my credit card. I want nothing to do with this company anymore. They obviously do not appreciate their customers if this is how they treat them.

I'm sure I can find somewhere else to spend my money. Buyers beware

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I don't know why you were charged a $14 fee, but when you apply for a credit card, one thing you ask is "when should I expect my first statement?" If you have not received one close to that date, you either call or go online to check to see if a payment is due. Just because the mail is late is never an excuse. It's your responsibility to keep track of your payments.


I think they are really playing tricks on the customers. I wanted to cancel my macy's credit protection and demanded a refund, instead, they mailed a 2008 statement, which has nothing to do with the cancellation nor the refund.

Been a member for nearly 4 years, refund should add up to almost $300 with the miscellaneous fees that's being charged to my account, instead they claim to have paid $28.00 which they show no record. And get this, being a day late for payment, and they charge $25.00 per day.

These propagandas of discounts is absurd. Don't let the whole credit protection fool you, you have the right to cancel this anytime and request for a refund.


I purchased a diamond ring for my wife as an anniversary gift. I had to return it for a diamond to be replaced send the ring off on the 25th of June, 2012.

At the time the sales lady said that it will be 2 weeks, so I thought. I return in the alloted time, she stated that she said 2-6 weeks, and she will call. Seven weeks, and no call so I go back, still no ring. So they called wherever they sent the ring, only to find out that now, they got to order the diamond needed.

When I 1st purchased the ring they had to send off for it when it came back the salesperson order the wrong size. Okay they sent it back,when it came back it was similar to the one I purchased it was not the right one, but we kept it. Now this, I feel that this is totally unsatisfactory.

Now I really don't know when the ring will be return, my wife is upset and despondant. Yours Truly Dissatisfied


Where do I begin.

okay so i signe up for a macys card (worst mistake ever, when it comes to applying for credit cards) not only was I charged a 14 dollar fee which nobody was gonna tell me anything about. But then all the mail came late so I was charged 25 dollars for a late fee.

Customer service isn't willing to help me out unless i hand them over my checkings account number to make a payment. So not fair and im so disgusted by their decisions. I'm considering in taking legal action because I feel like I've been in some ways abused. This is not the way anybody should have to go through after applying for a card.

before I applied for that mavys card i was so pleased with everything macys. i loved Macys and hand a wonder and positive outlook n macys. but unfortunately not anymore.

I never go online to say negative things about any company but i was so motivated to wring something about them. I hope a macys building burns down, but I dont have to hope because Karma will in some way come to them

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