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ordered an item online thru their website and when i received it the following week and opened the package it was empty!i suspect it was stolen by someone in the fulfillment department for the order in the warehouse and not any of the shippers (ups/usps). although they are sending a replacement, however this kind of thing should not be happening. it was not an inexpensive item either. why do i suspect it to be on their end and not the shippers?...
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Anonymous Why are you complaining? They promptly replaced your lost item. And you offer no evidence to support your contention that Macys employees -- not the shippers -- stole the it...

They lost my shipment, not ONE person I spoke to could understand me and I couldn't understand them, what a HORRIBLE experience. I paid extra for rush delivery. I told Macys to credit my account and I will NEVER shop there again, I am DONE with them. I certainly expected better from Macys, they were once the benchmark for exceptional service. Guessing they farmed out the customer service to India. I'll take my business to a company that can...
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I recently placed an on-line order for a beautiful quilt set from Macy's.It arrived within the 3 business days as promised. Since I was not home to receive it, I had to pick it up at a local UPS store which was not an issue. The issues started when I got home and opened my parcel. There was not quilts set but, two Calphalon frying pans. Yes, that is correct, frying pans. I immediately called customer service. I explained my situation to Brandon,...
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I rush myself to get home Ups had put note will come on the sept 6. The 6 I want use it this weekend and I be getting home even later that day. I am so disappointed with Macys because they could had send it to Macy near me. I been loyal customer and I just bought my mattress that I haven't received yet. They could have work with me to make me happy. Is going take me time to get over this disappointment I have right now. I am not fan of Ups...
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Hello Macy’s, I would like to say how DISAPPOINTED I am with your customer service. Let me explain a little about my frustration. I recently places 3 separate orders on Friday, June 3rd at Macy’s Online. I needed my items to be shipped in individual gift boxes, I then live chatted with Jacqueline V., which said it could only be done if I placed separate orders, due to that, as a onetime courtesy she would give me free shipping and free gift...
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MattD78 "They said that all these 13 incorrect UNAUTHORIZED pending transactions would fall off once my orders were shipped on Monday, June 6th and only the correct amount for each or...