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Terrible terrible terrible will never shop at Macy's ever again, and apparently if your cash paying customer you're worthless at the store! I paid over $100 for a pair of shoes and unfortunately I missed placed my receipt, because of this and because the store no longer has the shoes, I am not able to get credit for my shoes nor will the store order the shoes in the correct size! They offended me by offering me $29 when they still have the Shoe available online for $118.

When I went into the store (McAllen Texas) at La Plaza Mall the lady in the should department was so rude and condescending, she started reading the return policy out loud in front of the rest of the customers! How embarrassing and how can Macy's employ this type of ppl!!!

I don't believe I'm trying to break their pocket! I'm not even trying to get my money back! I'm only asking to change my shoes for the correct size, they're not willing to do that!!! They will loosing a customer who spends quite a bit of a money in there as well as my friends and family members.

What a selfish store for as big as Macy's is! You should be embarrassed your actions and employees!

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If you purchased your shoes in store, they ALWAYS put a return label on the box to make returns easy in case you lost your receipt. If you placed your order online, then you can just print your receipt from there.

Sounds like you were trying to get cash back for something that you really didn't pay for. Returns without any proof of purchase NEVER get cash back.

Not just at Macy's, but at ALL stores. You should know this already...


if you have no proof of purchase you get back the lowest price the items had been at in 120 days. read the return policy. customers like you make me sick.


You sound like an entitled whiny brat

How would anyone possibly know what you paid if you "misplaced" your receipt?

Big a grown up and donate the shows to someone less fortunate than you


Cash does make things more "fussy" for a return. If you paid cash you definitely need all the "papers" (receipt, return label on merchandise etc).

Prices go up and down all the time, and nobody knows how much you paid without some sort of proof. IF they don't sell the shoes anymore, how long did you wait to do a size exchange? Why wait so long?

Regardless, without a proof of purchase you can't expect to get help just walking in with a pair of shoes simply because Macy's happens to sell those shoes. Nobody knows where you got them from.


Oh please. No receipt then no proof you purchased it there.

It could be stolen for all they know. Just because they are a big corporation doesn't mean they are supposed to take back or exchange without a proper proof of purchase/ receipt.


You posted a picture from as your "evidence" of the price. Now, please tell all of us how you paid "cash" when buying something on Where did you put the money?

to Marvin #1393330

She's obviously a scammer who tried to play the system. I know people like her all too well that unfortunately come to our store and try to rat us out for not accepting something back they've had for years.

I bet she has a criminal record too. No doubt.

to Marvin #1457201

One thing I've learned....thieves aren't very smart at all. But they sure as *** think they are!! LOL!!!

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