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As an employee of Macy's I have recently been introduced to MySchedulePLUS. IT IS AN INSTRUMENT OF TORTURE!

We used to have a core schedule that worked for all employees and we could plan our lives and take care of our families. Now we do not know from week to week what days or times our shifts are and they are never convenient and never make sense. It makes me want to Quit!

Also magic selling and scorecards are a joke and based on negativity and they don't help or work. They are just designed to make a few execs in New York look good and only hurt employees and customers.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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This is nine years old!


Macys seems great but underneath the nice and polite people is a system that doesnt do our employee's enough justice. Its ridiculous.

There are alot of people scraping what little hours are left off of the plate on the MSP system. And its very random hours at times.

At first it feels unorganized but trust me.. The higher ups know exactly what they are doing.


Macy's is a good company to work

For if you have right manager

To communicate with you require your employment!

Ps: I was lay off doing the hour season because nobody told me



the WORST website EVER!!!!!!!


I honestly don't have much to complain about. I've been working for Macy's for a while now and the way Macy's has their schedule set up allows me to work at my convenience and choose my availability.

However, I think certain managers need to go through better training. The managers on the floor I work on are wonderful, kind, understanding, but firm and adhere to all of the rules/procedures-I think this is because women understand empathy a lot better than men do. Retail work is difficult and the regular managers on my floor seem to understand that. I can't say the same for the managers from other departments, MOSTLY MEN.

A good amount of male managers will handle situations pretty well but there is always that ONE (sometimes two) manager who have no idea how to talk to employees. They will go out of their way to be-little sales associates and do not understand how to encourage. Criticizing seems to be popular and if anyone has ever taken Psychology 101, they would know what type of feedback generates positive behaviors.

I sometimes wonder how these guys became manager in the first place if everything that comes out of their mouth sounds rude and condescending?

I guess I'll never know.


Macy's is now implementing "My Client" in full force. It seems like another ground for employee termination if you can't reach the quota.

First of all, customers are concerned on privacy issues and vulnerability on hackers. The system is not at all user friendly, esp. during busy days in order to speed the process. There should be an interaction on the pen pad if they would sign up or not and if they are already in our system by simply inputting their phone number.

An overwhelmed employee would be looking for it and sometimes pulled up a wrong customer with the same name.

It could lead to wrong charges when a customer's credit card was stored on My Client system.

Besides, a big hassle for customers when they have to join My Client all over and over again in every sales associate in all departments in any Macys stores. And the managers won't be able to delete these clients if they ever changed their minds right then.


I have worked at Macy's for 4-1/2 months. I took a 2nd job to help make ends meet. I worked in retail as a teenager and loved the interaction with the public and I love fashion so it seemed like it would be a good fit.

Not... so... much

There was literally no meaningful training. The automated b.s. training is just that, b.s. I showed up one day on an opening shift all by myself with no idea how to open the register. Tried calling a manager, none came. My customer was very kind and patient and I finally found someone to help me. I was NEVER provided training on the close process and was doing it wrong for weeks before I was able to following someone to see how they did it. Every time I come in there is a new item to push with no information or training on what it is or how to market it to the customer.

They push the credit cards to a ridiculous degree. And indicate something ominous will happen if you don't get applications. And when I explain to my Manager that the majority of my customers already have them and the ones who decline do not want one. "How do you know?" she asks. I tell her that people give you that look like I have no desire to have a freaking Macy's card and I don't want to listen to your speech on the benefits. I have been that person and there is nothing that turns me on less that some *** trying to get me to apply to a credit card I do not want or need. "You are putting your own personal feelings on the situation" I am told. Seriously?!?! If you want me to do something better or differently, then why don't you provide training?

The new thing is giving the sales associates the "power" to make customer service decisions and should not find a Manager. WHAT? Why do I get paid barely minimum wage if I am soooo empowered to make these decisions? And when you do need a Manager, none can be found.

2 really good associates and co-workers have been fired for zero points yet caustic and abrasive jackholes are still there because they have been there for a long time. These people are rude to their coworkers/customers and are not team players. Not to mention the plethora of sharks who would shank their grandma for a sale. Apparently that is what Macy's is looking for. It's pretty pathetic and I plan on leaving right before the holidays since I am not treated like a valued asset, even though my customers love me. Gee I hope that doesn't *** their schedule. Sorry.... Not Sorry.


This waa posted quite some time ago, but since im new to macys and the automated training doesnt prepare you enough do you have any suggestions on how to work the register?? Because NOW im nervous about handeling a sale and if i have trouble i wont be able to find a manager


Macys is the worst place to ever work for. First, the company always ask for donations to help a charity event, I just realized that Macys DO NOT give out the full money to the charity.

For example, Macys may ask for $2 for donation but only pay 50 cents to the actual charity. Macy is a very stressful job, They pay $8 and require a workload of $15. You have to wear a dress code which has to be professional (mind you for an $8 job), and they have a point system. The managers at Macys are VERY demanding.

They would talk about Your sales goals, Credit card, thanks for sharing, pre-sale, and my client. How is it possible to interact all those 5 things to one customers and then repeat the same thing to EVERY customer. It is impossible. In addition to that, the managers are not organized, an associate could be scheduled to go to lunch let's say 3pm, the associate had gone to lunch at 3pm.

Before you know it, the associate's name is constantly being announced on the intercom to return to their department. Such activity is embarrassing to the associate, and the associate is being harassed for going to lunch when he/she was scheduled by the manager to go to lunch at 3pm. Macys do not value the 20 min break they give their employees, whenever an associate wants to take their 20 min break, the managers and executive office always state that it is an optional break so they demand you stay at your register. This activity also does prove how horrible macy's is.

The managers are macys do not value their associate, and they speak down on them and to them.

The managers have an authoritative and demanding tones towards their associate and it is unfair because the associate cannot do the same back.

There are so many things that are horrifying about Macy's, they require so much (dress code, harassments, pre-sale, goals, lack of respect to their associate ) for such a little pay of $8. Macy's only value the money they benefit from the customer and nothing else.

Nordstrom your competitor pays their associate $11 for non-commission so it is disappointing and embarrassing to state that an associate actually worked for Macys. I forgot, even to go to the bathroom is an issue as well, if the managers does not know you went to the bathroom, your name will of course be announced multiple times on the intercom for every customer to hear your name.


I sypathize with all of you that have worked for the unscrupulous company that is Macys. :sigh . I had worked for Macy's for years and had I known what the reality of working their was, I probably never would have started working there. Yet like most people I desperately needed a job and I always enjoyed shopping at Macy's. So I figured I'd try it. My coworkers, managers, and the friendly customers are for the most part the only reason I stayed. I sometimes really enjoyed my time there. However there are somethings that Macy's allows that is just objectionable.

They push for the sales associates to get credits which we dont need to be harrassed constanlty for- we get it we need to get credit for Macys because it benefits the company. However most customers have a Macys card and harrassing customers is not a good way to promote customer loyalty. But my main issue was that sales associate are essentially punished if their customer returns merchandise. Sales Associates can come in with negative sales goals because a customer returns something. That is just unfair. :sigh I ask you, How is it the sales associates fault if ,the customer needs the money back, customer decided they dont need/want the merchandise, or some other issue? Just start the sales goal at zero and dont make the sales associate stress over that which is beyond their control.

The fact is they just dont pay enough for the job sales associates do. We bust our butts and make the company good money. For instance on a seven hour shift I would make a meager 60, yet make even on a slow day make the company 2000. Thats 60 isnt even 5% of what I pulled in. If we bust our butts for sales than we should be payed a base pay and a good percentage of sales like other (good) companies.Perhaps it is too much to ask for but since sales is the prioty, then give the sales associate the incentive and motivation to get the sales.


I would like to send a bouquet to JEAN, in the clothing department (recently at the Hilfiger register) at Macy's in Manhattan. She is helpful, cheerful, smart, and a perfect example of an employee you should not lose. :)


Experience does not = higher hourly pay.full time or part time is for a select few. who do they choose to get the less than part time hours? those with family and travel expenses.

who can survive off of 3-8 hrs? they don't tell you the truth you find out when your on the schedule.MSP is not working for employees. treating people unfairly if you pick up shifts.....

so called department supervisors that are not really in leadership. they don't get paid more and are just a scapegoat for HIGH paid "real" managers. You will most likely not get a raise in a year or whatever else they promise you. I have seen these things happen......very sad :cry very high turnover rate. I am sure they get their tax credits also.

Macys has helped to bring down the economy forcing people into poverty.

TRAINING. what is that? :p


As other people have commented, MSP is really just a way for management to cut costs by making sick leave/PTO basically disappear for most Macy's associates. It also allows the company to increasingly rely on cheap part timers. For customers this translates to shopping in a store where most of the associates don't really know the products they're trying to sell. At all.

The sad reality is that this is the new normal for service jobs in America. Working for Macy's is, qualitatively, not any different than working for WalMart. MSP, the Scorecard and the point system are all techniques for employee disempowerment, no matter how management tries to spin these as positive developments.

Training at Macy's is a computer-based joke, because the company would rather hire part time employees to keep benefit costs down than invest in people. Of course, this is not true of corporate employees.

The reality is that employee feedback falls on deaf ears. It's sad, because there are countless cases of companies who treat employees well and subsequently increase their profits. Macy's chooses to go the low route, and I believe will pay the price in the long run.


Everyone needs to report to their managers if they do not like the way things are run and ask them to speak to their bosses at company meetings and hopefully they will address your concerns.


not going to happen


They need a union


I am employed at Macy's as a Sales Manager and I feel the associates pain. I know MSP was a politically correct way to help the company save money and rob the associates of the benefits they truly deserve i.e. paid time off, medical and dental benefits etc. What the company expects from them is insurmountable for the wages earned. I believed that Macy's was Americas favorite department store and amongst the Elite however I now see we are merely a notch above Kmart ! and Kmart sucks!!!


Msp is a disaster. Our store is one of the last store getting it and we all agree with the disaster that it is.

Magic selling and score cards are a pure joke design to exploit, control, and manipulate employee.

The sales goals are impossible to reach, it is soo stressing. Leaving by the end of summer.


my work macy county joe rocchio lee joke sister county kid macys.


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