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I'm sorry but a dirty locker room for temps with trash, dirty clothes and dirty dishes in the break room will never be resolved. I thought Macy's was better than this--which is why I applied.

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I recently got hired at Macy's as a temp early Nov. 2017 and didn't get on the schedule till after Thanksgiving.

20 hrs. a week and no locker. Why? Well, my mgr.

told me I was supposed to find an empty locker, put a lock on it and tell HR. I looked and all I found were lockers with "Damaged" signs on them, lockers already claimed or lockers with no built in latches which were stuffed with dirty clothes or trash. I told HR and they said tell your mgr. and she'll help you because on her list were empty lockers.

What kind of Kafka-esque BS is this? I didn't bother-- 3 days a week isn't worth it. Anyway they gave me 30 mins to watch an overview of how their *** POS system works-- and no, its not training. A Macy's card, a Plenti card, a Happy Rewards card, a punch card (discounts on how many holes punched), individual products on sale but no way to know because the regulars are the only ones to know, so after scanning 3 different price tags I need to manually delete then put in sale price, look on calendar for sales days to be sure.

The POS is complete ****.

Outdated. Due to the restrictions on this public library pc, I can't upload picture proof :-(

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Honey, this is the least of your problems as a Macy's employee! My store went without bathroom tissue one time for almost a week!

We employees would take paper towels with us. Ouch!


I enjoy the double employment of the acronym "P.O.S."

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