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I bought an item online at Macy's in November, and it didn't fit. I arranged for a return. I shipped the item out using the return label that Macy's provided, all tags on it, in the original packaging, on 11/21. Due to a UPS delay, the item wasn't delivered to Macy's until 12/1, when it shows received.

It is now 12/13, and my purchase has not been refunded. I have already spent approx. 2 hrs on the phone calling Customer Service, to ask why I haven't gotten my refund. The first time, on 12/6, they said it had "only" been "4" days since they received the item; I had to explain to the rep that 6 minus 1 = 5. She then said that she couldn't find my order and wanted me to give her my CREDIT CARD number to look up the order; well, I can't even begin to imagine that Macy's allows its CS reps to require your CC number to look up your order. I refused; I make my purchases online via secure servers, and I'm not about to hand out my CC info to a low-level CS rep who can't even pull up the same order that I can pull up online at their site.

Next phone call, on 12/11, I spent 51 minutes because the rep couldn't find the order, wanted the UPS tracking number for the label THEY had provided, then finally admitted that the item clearly had been received by them on 12/1, and wanted me to hold even longer; it was late night and by then I wanted my dinner, and so she PROMISED to call me at 2pm the next day ... no call, of course. Still no credit.

During this I've filed 4 separate website forms to contact them, gotten acknowledgements by autoresponder ... but yet to have someone contact me as it says they will.

Their goshawful menu system takes ESP to figure out which buttons may get you to a live person to discuss your return -- it's not actually on the menu system, but if you hit the right magic combination then you can talk to someone, not that it does any good -- and along the way, it states that they will refund "when they receive your item" and "typically within 4 days".

Obviously not true at all.

I'm now going as public as I can, because I have all the documentation and have spent too much of my life trying to get back the refund that should have been a simple matter and taken 2 minutes to correct. Why a large established store like Macy's would ignore this mountain of documents and wasted time, to treat me so shabbily, is beyond me. But there it is -- they JUST DON'T CARE.

I'll never buy anything from Macy's again, period.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Quality of the item.

I didn't like: Horrible customer service.

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #921166

So you don't want to provide the tracking number for the package, you don't want to provide your credit card number, and Macy's is supposed to find your order and help you how? By using that ESP you mentioned?

You do realize the Macy's reps you talk to are the same ones who take orders and they handle credit card numbers all day? If trying to help you is like pulling teeth it's no wonder no one has been able to do it.

(Also: Since you are talking about a refund this involves a bank and so everything works in BUSINESS days. It was returned on 12/1 and so 12/2-5 is four business days later which is what the rep said.)


I had the same issue. I returned items on October 25th to Macy's using their free returns by mail.

I requested that my Macy's credit card be issued the refund, but instead I received over $200 in merchandise return certificates. I've spoken to 3 different reps and each time I am told "I've submitted the form again to transfer the funds from the return certificates to your credit card, but it takes 7-10 business days." On December 8th, I sent a message to customer service online.

I too received the auto confirmation, which acknowledged receipt of my request and stated someone would respond in 2-3 business days. It is December 14th and I have not received my credit to my Macy's credit card, nor has anyone contacted me.

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