I can't believe the level of dissatisfaction I have right now with Macy's. We ordered a sectional sofa in January.

We had to wait until today (March 28) to get delivery. They delivered 2 left hand pieces instead of a right and a left hand piece. Now, we're being told that we will have to wait until sometime in May to get the right piece. Their customer service people and their warehouse people are less than helpful.

They are unwilling to try to do anything to get us the right piece. Everyone we talk to has some excuse for why this can't be fixed right away. This will be the last thing I buy from Macy's.

What happened to acknowledging an error was made and trying to fix is so that your customer is happy? I guess all they care about is the $$$ but they won't get anymore $$$ from us."

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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