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On 06/13/15, between the hours of 1pm and 2:15pm, I called over 10 times the women's shoes department at Newport Centre to order shoes and nobody ever picked up the phone. I then called twice their customer center to make a complaint.

They transferred me to a manager. Manager answered me, transferred me to the women's shoes manager, who then transferred me to an associate. I was on hold for 26 minutes with this associate when I decided to hung up the phone and call again. I asked to talk to a manager again but instead I was transferred to a person that introduced her self as Jackie only, she refused to give me her last name, employee number or any other information that I could identify her later in this customer complaint.

She was AGAIN not help at all. She said she works at the HR. I told her I was going to make a corporate customer complaint and she didn't care at all. All she said was that someone might call me back because it's Saturday and they are too busy and they need to take care of customers at the store first.

Great! That's exactly what an upset customer, that's trying to get a hold of someone for over an hour, wants to hear (sarcasm).

I don't remember last time I was this upset and disappointed at a customer service. Total lack of customer service from the floor associates, to managers, to HR.

silkonkel wrote the review because of poor customer service at Macys. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Macys to "company needs to try better their employees on how to resolve customer's problems right the way. if managers and hr can't help customers then who can? does anyone at macy's care?".

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You telephone busy department on a Saturday afternoon and you're surprised that everyone there didn't jump for you? The people standing in line in front of that phone will wonder why THEY were ignored so that an associate could talk to an irate customer on the phone.

One who wants a pair of shoes shipped, and keep in mind you pay shipping, only to most likely return those shoes to a different store once received.

When that telephone rings and there's anyone in line, the phone does not get answered. You're not "first" in line, you're "next".


This should not surprise anyone. This is now the common culture of Macy's.

So sad to see such a prestigious name go down in flames.

The CEO and upper management have no interest in customer satisfaction anymore. They only care about bonuses and padding pockets before they all bail.


I had the same issue. Not the same store, but same department. I called multiple stores around the country trying to purchase shoes and no one answers the phone in women's shoes department.

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States #996152

You should have just ordered the shoes online. Wouldn't that have been simpler? If you can post a complaint here it means you have a computer.

to Anonymous Walnut Creek, California, United States #996439

And who said I DIDN'T try to order online?? My size WAS NOT available online.

How do you think I got the UPC # and style name?? From their website!

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States #995088

Legally she does not have to give you her last name. Also, they should be taking care of the customers in the store first always!

These are the people directly in front of them who are in need of assistance.

Ignoring them to assist you is not an option. Patience.

to Anonymous #996451

Where in my complaint did I say that I wanted them ALL to stop taking care of customer that arrived first on sales floor to help me? They could very well help people there and then help me, in order of first come, first serve, as MOST businesses do.

I have never heard of a business that does not answer a customer phone call until they have zero people in the store. Try calling Nordstrom or Saks, and I guarantee you that they WILL help you on the phone. Macy's DO have employees just to take phone orders ONLY. But that person transferred me to sales floor because their system showed they had only of my 1 item left.

So an associate had to verify if inventory was correct. Besides, the HR lady said someone would call me later. Nobody did. Are you suggesting that ALL day nobody had 5 minutes to call me back?

I take that you never call any customer service, right? You most certainly go straight to all the business when you need to, correct? Good for you.

Not everybody has time to do that.

to silkonkel #999774

If you knew how busy it gets in women's shoes or the fact that they are paid in shoes by commission only then you'd understand that your tiny *** phone call means *** to them. Get off your *** and go to the store if ordering online is too hard for your ***.

Or you could even think to try calling when they aren't busy. A Saturday is not the day to call a store like that.

Your ignorance is laughable. I'm so glad that I don't have to work with the *** customers that shop at macys any longer.

to Anonymous #999842

Hahaha OF COURSE you had to be a Macy's employee. Who else would waist their time coming here to defend the store's lack of customer service?!

I live in Florida!!! And I DID go to a Macy's store where I live. But the ONLY Macy's in the whole country that had what I wanted was this one store in NJ! Get it now?

You don't even know what happened and here you are talking $h!t.

Could have avoided the your anger by asking me first "IF" or "WHAT" I did before writting stupidity. Regardless, the fact that you think that a store like Macy's should not take phone orders just because they are busy and don't have enough employees, that just shows your lack of common/business sense.

to Anonymous #1001328

Judging by your are one of the many inconsiderate employees that just don't give a ***. If you were anywhere near talented enough to do a couple things at once, you would know how to handle the situation.

I run 4 departments and always manage to help both customers in front of me and over the phone. If you were in commissioned departments you would know how to accomplish this. A large portion of sales come from the internet or people who are quite a distance away in search of products they need. Treat people like that and keep wondering why your paycheck sucks.

You are perfect, shining example of someone who has no business dealing with public. You are nothing but a ringer and not a true salesperson. Think about the difference. You would not last a second in my departments that I run.

Your behind would be out in a heartbeat. Who do you think pays you? I'm sure you have called stores to find out if something was in stock..what is the difference?

Your ineptitude is astounding and your comments make you look like an uneducated, hateful person who wants everything handed to them. it is clear you should be in a cubicle away from the public

to silkonkel #1003587

Actually none of the stores has associates just to take phone orders. That is a false statement.

And you called a Macy's up on a one day sale day. Weekends are bad enough but you called on an one day sale? Seriously? Do you know how busy they get.

If i am at the wrap stand and i Hear the phone and i am working with a customer I will ask the person on the phone to hold.

It may take me 5 minutes to get back to you and even then there is no guarantee that I can help you right then and there as the customers IN store do come first. If you call on a one day sale or a huge sale day so you can get your 75% discount on an item you bet your but you're not going to be a priority.

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