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Macy's does discriminate people by looks.

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That's it??? There aren't even any details to your comment explaining why you feel this way. I think this review is FAKE.


To: Anonymous Prejudice. I am aware of that feeling.

When i was going into one of the locations. As soon i walking inside i was looking forward too getting some new clothes and some of beauty products. An employee saw what i was doing. This employee said, (negatively): Excuse me, What are you doing?

Are you able too afford all of this stuff?" I am like "Yes." The employee was arguing and fighting with me, instead of selling things too me, the customer, about where i was working at the time. The employee said, "I'm sorry, i have an hard time believing people that work into grocery stores cannot afford anything, all they do is spend their money on. This employee did not know how much money i have had. I am like, "Excuse me, you don't know how much money i have, there's is such as thing as called having an savings accounts.

The second employee, (while i was walking out, since i was refused too be ringed up), I told you, you know that person was not going too buying anything!" I am like, "Well maybe if you would take care of your customers instead of refusing their money, you wouldn't have problems." I am able too see the employee doing this too the other customers while they want too be ringed up! I was thinking too myself, this is so not okay. So i returned too store, and got up too one of the managers. One of the managers are able too telling i am flushed, mad and angry.

The manager asked, "Are you okay?" I am like, "No. I am an customer at this location. I am always into here. I am always buying something.

I am like: "You know your employee would rather be arguing and with your customers instead of ringing them up. I've been here for 3 or five minutes, and all the employee is doing moaning and complaining about money i don't have. When i am able too provide money for the payment. The manager was so shocked.

The manager walked up too the employee, the employee called the security into the mall. The employee told the security officer i was an shoplifter, when clearly i was not. When all i wanted too was pay and go. At this time, i am pissed.

Now its been almost ten or fifteen minutes. I told the security into the mall what had happened with the employee. The same story i told too the manager. The manager: Officer.

This isn't an shoplifter, we have not an problem with this customer. This customer is an loyal. I emptied everything too prove i am doing nothing wrong with my bags and my pockets. They found nothing.

The security officer, asked the employee: "Why would you get an innocent customer into trouble. It was clear, the employee said, "I hate .....

people." It was racially profiling while make making racist comments! Goodbye Macy's!

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