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I had reported a failing cushion, and they refused to honor their plan - The furniture was purchased in September 2012 and I called them on 10/23/15 to report the problem, but they refused to honor their plan. When I asked why, they said the failure was due to normal wear and tear, which is not covered. I asked them to site where on their policy that failures due to normal wear and tear is not covered, and they could not. I pointed out that... Read more

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I bought an Inglot palette in Macy's Union Square, and one of my eyeshadows (m344) was irritatingly and stupidly replaced by the employee by m345, a green shade which is obviously not the pinkish brown I had asked for. I contacted customer service and they said that I could only return it in store. Which would be fine if I didn't live 2500km away, I was there on vacation and we only spent one day in the city. Macy's is useless at reading and... Read more

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On April 7th, I shopped on I chose 7 items and put them in my cart. I proceeded to checking out and applied a promo code which did not register. I called Macy's customer service and I was told that the promo would only be applied from the next day, the 8th. That was yesterday. The customer service operator suggested I wait for today to put in my order. Good idea, right? Imagine my dismay when, after applying the 20% discount the... Read more

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Like baby other consumers I, at Macy's request decided to go "paper less" . The routing number was inputed incorrectly. 4 tines I called to resolve thus iissue. Finally gave yo close my account and pay in full. Which I did. Because I was working at Macy's then, their loss prevention took it upon themselves to be a bill collector. They Summond me to their office where they ambushed me, called me names etc. told me they had he on camera and I was... Read more

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Macy's credit card took advantage of my 86 years old mother by "helping' her to applies for credit card in San Francisco. Her only income is SSI, she never have cc. How Macy's can approved her cc? So this smells like a giant scam. She bought something for $72 in summer 2013, and her bill was $252 in Feb. 3014. She does not speak English language. I only just recently found out she had it at all. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the... Read more

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I'm a customer that has had a very poor experience on the site and with their customer service representatives. I spent over an hour on chat to apply promo codes to orders, only to be spontaneously disconnected from the agent I was with (Keely B) due to "technical difficulties." when finally reconnected with a different agent (Casey S) who finally told me that the promo code i wanted to apply couldn't be applied to an order... Read more

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We happened to buy asics shoe at Macy's..We selected three different sizes and went to customer service for payment and apply a coupon..That sales person very rudely told us that coupon print out is required and that from IPad cannot be accepted..other sales persons in other departments in same and other branches of macys accepted those in iPad. He grabbed all the three pairs and went inside to put them..iHe kept us waiting and wasted 40 min... Read more

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I purchased a "Worry No More Warranty" (7 year) on a complete sofa set and ottoman. The cushions tore on the back where the backing met leather and when I called in to report it and get service, they refused to honor this warranty since it needed to be reported within 10 days of noticing the tear (I had noticed the tears about a year previously and just hadn't gotten around to reporting it since it was on the back of the cushions). They were... Read more

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This is an official complaint for the horrible customer service from Macy's, and especially service representative Jason from Furniture & Bedding. The Situation: I have a delivery scheduled for this afternoon between 1.15-3.15pm PST and I already received automated confirmation calls for the delivery in the last 24 hours. Apparently there was an issue processing payment on the order this morning, so Macy's cannot actually deliver the... Read more

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