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I had a Macys Tools of the Trade Glass lid explode in my dish drainer.

I washed it the previous day. It was sitting at an angle resting against a bowl. It had not been touched when the center just exploded out of it. There was a plastic cup leaning against it and it was blown 3 feet away. Glass flew 5 feet all over my kitchen. It continued making cracking noises for 15 minutes.

I bought the set about 1 1/2 years ago. I am scared to death to use them. The glass may be tempered but it still has tiny slivers as I have 3 slivers in my fingers from cleaning it up.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Same thing happened to me glass got into my garbage disposal. Scared me thank god I was not in front of it when it happened.


Same problem. Lid just started to pop and crack one day after a couple years of use.

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There is no Macy's in imperial beach, ca :x


I bought a wok with glass lid from David Jones few weeks ago. The brand is Staub, made in France.

its original retail price is around AU$450 something. I thought their quality shoud be good by this kind of price. But the second day after I bought it, the glass lid exploded while it on the stove. After the big 'Bang', shattered glass shards everywhere in the kitchen.

nothing left on that lid except that very thin and soft stainless steel rim.

it was lucky no one got injured. But just imagine, if a little kid aroud, that would be a disaster.


I also had one that exploded. Can I find other glass lids from another cookwear company.

I would also like to purchase and 8" and 10". Can you help me?


Same thing happened to my 3 quart lid. Macy's will not help me get a replacement lid!

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