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I have had an online account with Macys before in the past, and have used my Bank Card with this account (Not a Credit Card), and never had any issues. Nothing was changed to my online account, all the same addresses, shipping address, Bank Card numbers, expiration dates, and 3 digit security code.

I went to put an order online on April 1, 2018, and the transaction went through with no problems, in fact, my Bank sends me text alert messages when I use their Bank Card, and I received the alert message as soon as I closed out the transaction, so I know all was well. Okay, so all is well, just like it was the many times I have used Macys online in the past. This happened to be a small order, just a couple of items less than $150.00, things that were on sale, at a great discount and I was really looking forward to them. The next day, I am barraged at my office, Macys is leaving numerous messages and email, telling me that I need to call their consumer protection agency, with a sense of urgency and it is imperative, they even said to call before 12 noon.

I had no idea what this was all about. In fact, I thought it to be suspicious as I never had any other online retailer call me like that. I wasn't able to call Macys before noon, but went home and checked the status of my order. The order was canceled.

I was shocked, and at the same time got nervous. I couldn't imagine what had happened since this never has happened to me before. So I had a chat window appear on my account page while online, and accepted the chat. I gave them all the order info, and asked why it was canceled after it was processed.

They said they needed me to be put on hold, and transferred to a specialist. Now I thought, this is by far very strange, and I am getting nervous. I asked my self, did I do something illegal, I mean really, what could I have done to be talking to a specialist for a small online order of which I never had any issues with. They kept me waiting in the chat box for near an hour, as soon as I was ready to close out of the chat, they appeared.

Now they tell me it is urgent, and that I need to call the consumer protection agency. I honestly was starting to feel like they were treating me like a criminal, like I had done some fraudulent activity. I x-ed out of chat, and called directly to their consumer agency number they gave to me in email over 4 times. I was greeted by a young woman who can barely speak English, and of which I had a hard time understanding.

I'm thinking, is this a joke? Is this real? She asked for my telephone number, and the account number associated with the order, my name, and then started to say that they needed to verify information about me, my personal credentials, and they will contact my bank. I asked what this was all about, she woudn't come up with a direct answer, but said there was missing information when I placed the order.

Now I know everything was fine, I placed this order like I have done so many times in the past, and have used that same Bank Card. I really started to get annoyed, she could hardly explain herself in a coherent way, her English was terrible. I finally decided, to heck with this, I am not letting Macys contact my bank, that is absolutely absurd. I wasted now over 2 hours or more of my precious time, I had worked 2 full time jobs that day, was exhausted, and now I just felt so uneasy.

I ended the call with telling the specialist I will cancel the order, cancel this account with Macys and never do business with them again. End of Macys! I have since bought and had no issues using other retailers, which by the way were extremely well organized, and very respectful.

Good bye Macys, never again, plus I will let all my social media sites know about this. You treated me with total disrespect to a loyal long time regular customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Easy to navigate website.

I didn't like: Customer service via phone as it is outsourced, How they target you as some criminal when shopping online, Terrible respect towards loyal customers.

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Sounds to me like they thought there might be fraud going on with the card & were taking precautions. Unfortunately, we do outsource so customers here in the US have to talk to agents in different countries :/

to Melanie #1458516

True, I understand that, but it was the way they treated me, as if I have done something wrong. Their sense of urgency should have been tempered and directed at my name, instead of email in 36 bold font, "You need to call the our Consumer Protection Agency before 12 PM otherwise your order will be canceled"They claimed their was "missing" information regarding my order, however, when I first had the order processed, the mail they sent was just like all the others I received after ordering from them, my name, my shipping address, my billing address, and the order number and card used.

All was in tact, and that just didn't sit well with me, especially when I did call back, I was talking to a young lady who barely understood me, and I barely understood her (Philippines I think), and she started to say she needed to contact my bank. I don't think so, no retailer ever contacted my bank to verify an order, and by looking at my statement online, my bank statement was fine, there were no anomalies.I tend to think it is a scam, where Macys will attempt to get additional information out of you so they can sell it to third parties who are interested.

With all that is going on with Facebook currently, the whole situation did not at all make me feel comfortable at all. They should avoid doing this, and are the only ones who have done that to me, and I order a lot online from many retailers, for years.In fact I was a long time customer with Macys and that is why I was so surprised.

to Anonymous #1460729

Contact your bank??? Yea, that sounds shady to me as NO associate should ever ask for a customers bank account info.

to Melanie #1458520

I have canceled my online account with Macys since, and never will I deal with them again, online.

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