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I was at Macy’s recently and I had the most absolute rudest cashier EVER! I’ve been a manager in the retail business for about 13 years now so I know how it is for sales associates so I always smile and say “Hi” whenever I go shopping and mostly they are very helpful but this woman was in a class of her own - the lowest a person could possibly be in.

I was paying for a couple of items at Macy’s and I gave the cashier some cash while looking in my wallet to find some change when I noticed that the cashier, Charity Benn, was about to close the cash drawer. I told her to wait and that I had the change but she looked me right in the eye while she closed the drawer and told me, “Too bad, you should have told me before.” WHAT??? Why did I have to say anything in the first place? Did she think I was going through my wallet to giver her a tip? Of course I wanted to speak with a manager after that and she told me that there were no managers working. Yeah, a big store like that with no managers? I said something like that back to her and then she absolutely refused to call a manager. So I went looking for somebody to call a manager for me and found a security guard. He directed me to another cashier who tried to help me and called a manager a couple of times to try to get him to speak with me but the manager kept making excuses and refused to. With managers that don’t care, no wonder they have sales people that have a nasty attitude. Charity Benn also refused to give me her name, she actually covered her name badge with her sweater! The cashier that was trying to call the manager for me was nice enough to look up the cashiers name for me with the receipt I had or else I wouldn’t have known her name.

In my experience, most of the employees that always complain about managers or their circumstances are the ones that purposely give customers a difficult time and are constantly being spoken to or written up. They are ALWAYS trying to make excuses for their own behavior.

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I've had some unpleasant experiences with rude employees at the Macy's in the Palisads Mall. Some of the employees are trying to be helpful, and I know it is largely so they can make their quota.

Still I prefer that over the nastiness and snarky remarks. Some of the employees, like that girl who works in the sunglasses area, one or two of the clerks in the makeup/cologne area, and the one who sometimes works in the sleepwear department, just to name a few, are downright rude and often treat customers like ***. They make rude, out of place comments, and make judgments about customers, completely out of the blue -- without reason. I'm just minding my own business and along comes this sourpuss who insults me, the customer, for what?

Browsing and possibly there to buy? What is the purpose of their rudeness, some sick sadistic pleasure they get out of insulting people? Is this how they plan to make more sales?

Gee, that sunglasses girl only had one other customer in her section...

I wonder why? Maybe because she's a rude ***.


I got the same problem with a cashier

Macy's is not having good service at all


I work at Macy's now and I know how htat is to see someone treat a cusomer like that. I dont know where you are from but if you ever come to the downtown minneapolis store i can pretty much guarntee that we will be nice to you.

espeically the childrens dept. I am so sorry that you had a bad experience and hipe it doesnt deturn you from shopping with us at a different location.

if this was recently, i would call and ask the operator to cnnect you with a manager. they do terminate for things like that and she does not deserve to keep her position.


the managers at Macy's are soooo fake...i hate how Macy's took over all of the regional department stores of America. They really need train managers better, that's why many encounter rude associates. No wonder why Nordstrom's see increases while Macy's isn't.


I worked at Macy's when I was 18 for a little while. Well at my first day on the job, a lady signed me into work on the computer in the back offices and I went off to work an 8 hour shift. When I was done, I went on the computer at my cash register to sign off and it didn't have me recorded for signing in that day! I told a lady that had been working there for years, and she told me she didn't know how to fix it but to tell the dep. manager (there weren't many people there, it was late at night). I told the manager and all she did was write on a piece of paper my name and something like "check hours" as a note for someone else to read. I never got paid for that day.

Also, at the beginning of that first shift I ever had, a lady who was also working in my department told another sales associate that it was my first day, and the woman went "Oh, great!" sarcastically as if I wasn't even there right in front of her. Rude...

The third thing was that there was confusion when I first started working- my schedule was completely empty after I finished training, I kept trying to find out why and finally I learned that the guy in charge of floaters (my department- we went where we were needed in the store) and scheduling people was sick. But before I found that out, I talked to a man who added a few shifts for me. The next day, I got a call from a lady asking me if I had picked up an empty shift, I said that someone gave me it and she said "yeah we don't need you." So I didn't end up getting any work for that first week or so.

Other than those three things, I was treated well at Macy's. It wasn't a bad place to work. I'd been in customer service in other stores as a teen and I had never gotten customers as nice and classy as I did at Macy's in Burlington MA.

Walking around the mall during my lunch break, though, I did get hit on a lot. Something about working at Macy's (they could tell b/c of my black dress code) was a turn on, I guess.



I also worked at Macy's and they treat their employees like dirt. I was hired as a part-time worker, and they tried to squeeze 50hrs a week out of me--a college student and only 18!!

They always asked everybody to stay late into the early morning and "forgot" to add overpay.

And by ask I mean--gave you the alternative to work or quit. F-it...i quit


I used to work at Macy's also and took pride in my job. I treated the customers well and learned all about what I was selling and in a commission store, I made $17/hour because of it.

However, I do say its all the managers faults.

I was constantly treated poorly by my managers and made to feel like i was somehow cheating the other salespeople who didnt know what they were doing, lied to the customers, screwed up orders, etc, and made 5-7$ and hour. HR backed them up when I complained so I left, my only consolation is that my departments fell in sales about 60% after I left.

Balmain, New South Wales, Australia #24449

I've had similar expeperiences with people to lazy to count change or do the math. One time the owner of a gas station yelled at me because he had to count my money I handed him. It was mostly quaters too! Of course there was nothing I could do about it. I was running on fumes and he was the owner.

I feel for you.

Have you tried calling up the store when you got home? It might have worked.

Sestroretsk, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation #18610

Yea I too used to work over there at Macys east located in queens center mall, I too used to work with Ozzy (Oswaldo) and under another manager named Orlando now I’m not going to lie but the Macys experience as an employee was horrid. I never worked in a worse place in my entire life, they pay you no more than $8 an hour and make you do 4 or 5 things all at once that other associates are supposed to be doing. I was a cashier at Macys and I used to make 7.85, they used to make me stock, recover, do sales, help customers on the floor and sometimes when other floors need help, they would throw me there. Honestly Macys is by far the worst place to work in. Now back to the managers, I quit Macys last year because of a confrontation with Orlando, this guy wanted to write me up because I was sick and went to get medicine from my mom, I was about 5 minutes late from lunch. Orlando confronts me and literally calls me a liar, on our way down to the manager’s office he bumps my shoulder and that’s when I said f it I quit. So yea, managers at Macy’s east queen’s center location are low, lower than ***. But on the bright side, if I wouldn't have worked for Macy's I wouldn't have found the woman I'm with now.

Try not to shop there, just a word of advice.

- Ahmad

Spencerport, New York, United States #5677

I recently quit my job at Macys east located in Queens. Being a sales clerk I seen how rude the other employees are to customers and how at other times how customers are rude as well, yet the lack of respect and fake people working there is enough to make any person sick and forget about the pay!!!!!!!!!!

They lose your pay check and lie about it never came. The managers are hardly ever there, and are disrespectful to customers and employees, One named Ozzy is most rude and nastly toward people and talks to the customers and employees as if they were ***. Word of advice always ask for the rude employees name and write them up.

Products purchased from macys are always broke are missing something dont shop or buy from macys. It is a horrible experience both working there and shopping there as well.

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