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Like baby other consumers I, at Macy's request decided to go "paper less" . The routing number was inputed incorrectly.

4 tines I called to resolve thus iissue. Finally gave yo close my account and pay in full. Which I did. Because I was working at Macy's then, their loss prevention took it upon themselves to be a bill collector.

They Summond me to their office where they ambushed me, called me names etc. told me they had he on camera and I was in big trouble. Accused me of credit fraud. In my fear and ignorance I admitted to keeping a 20 bill I found in some trash UNDER a bed when I was fixing a bed rail.

Turns out they lied, no tapes, no warning fired for misuse of company property.they were going for credit fraud, totally innocent, and proven so, and by bieng completely honest got terminated no warning nothing, I gave worked in retail 27 years have never been called into loss preventon. My credit score is high. Why is Macy's using their loss prevention to snoop in their employees credit. I checked the credit dept myself and the acct is up to date.

Loss prevention did not even read the notes attached to my statement. They just hammered me. Unfortunately for both of us I was very good at my job, well liked worked hard and the hard work and hours were paying off. Because of my product knowledge I was helpful in every arena of my area.

Now Macy's lost a valuable employee as we'll as customer.

A misunderstanding resolved in a really tragic retail story of errors. I am sharing my story hoping I can spare some in else thus grief,

Product or Service Mentioned: Macys Account.

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So you know I buy perfum (chrome azzoro ) for my husband at macys at parkchester Bronx ny but sorry to said the was only blue water it doesn't small like anything i don't have the box so I can retun it all I have a Macy bill of $97.00 that I need to pay.

Martinez, California, United States #834410

I don't know who anonymous is. It is not the person who wrote this post.

Fraud was not committed by the former Macy's person. The account was paid off in full. The question that remains and is deeply disturbing is why Macy's credit department would share private credit card information with their loss prevention staff. Correct procedure is to have their credit service call the customer to rectify the problem.

not conduct a shakedown and harass someone about a missed, minimum payment due of 26 dollar. especially since the consumer involved had a very good payment history with Macy's.


Get an attorney ASAP

to Lawstudent San Francisco, California, United States #823766

Well most of my friends are telling me that since I actually did commit credit card fraud that it does not matter how many years I have been employed by them, they are still in the right since I was committing an illegal act, what are my chances of winning? I don't want to spend money on an attorney and then lose the case? Also after they fired me they did not give me a package though I have been working for them for 27 years.

to Anonymous #834265

Why would they give you a severance package?? You were fired for fraud! You deserve to be fired.

San Francisco, California, United States #823482

I did not know that this would go public and that the company would contact me. They are threatening to sue me for slander if I don't admit that I did commit credit card fraud, but still I have been here for 27 years they should give me a break, they don't fire those that come in late often or don't show up. Just verbally write them up.

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