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I had two jobs and I lost one them that provide me with my main income. I was late twice I think and they helped me actually they helped me as long as the system or the software is OK with that.

I was late last month and I was trying to pay the last month and this month and wave the fee but what happened that they give me hard time that I should pay the last month, this month and the late fee. Simply I told them that I cant do that. I just can't pay $50. they said they cant do anything because the system will not allow them to wave the fee.

even the manager cant override the system????? Why they need managers if they cant do anything to help costumers.The only thing common I heard I can't help you.

My balance is not tremendous it's just $128 and I can pay $50 continue payment and problem solved. why make it hard?

This reviewer shared experience about problems with payment and wants this business to "just wave the fee of $25 and i'll pay $50 the problem solved". samfl2015 is overall dissatisfied with Macys. The most disappointing about macys manager at Macys was credit card service and credit service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I'm really sorry about the hard times you have come across, but seriously? Cancel the card and then pay it off until you have more reliable income.

They do not HAVE to waive the late fee EVER.

the first few times it was done as a courtesy.


They can probably only waive late fees so many times before they start to think you're just habitually late. It's good of them to waive whatever they could the first time or two, but it shouldn't be expected every month. If you could make a payment, even a smaller one, but pay it on time there wouldn't be a late fee to waive.

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