This is an official complaint against Macy's and their non-support of the First Amendment of the Constitution, that the last I heard, was still law of this land - the greatest land on God's Green earth for the citizens of the good old USA.

I can not say that about Macy's though. I believe Macy's needs to have a class in Constitution 101 with a focus on the First amendment when one speaks out as did Mr. Trump. I never did see that Macy's sent the victim in the San Fran shooting but instead tried to bully Mr. Trump into silence on this subject. Unlike the miracle on 34th street, I will never do my shopping at Macys who puts illegals first and then constitution second.

Sad day in America when Society supports illegals but not its citizens and that is happening g with Macy's. Right has always been right and wrong has always and will continue to be wrong.


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If you want to "Officially" complain to Macy's I suggest going to their OFFICIAL website and doing so. Oh that's right, on their official website you have to give your information. Figures someone who doesn't know what the definition of official means would not have a clue as to what the First Amendment actually applies too.


I love how you right wing idiots have no basic concept of what the First Amendment actually applies to.


Yes Im thinking of not shopping at macys anymore. What Donald trump said should not be an issue to them So *** of macys to offend Americans !!!


Yeah, Constitution 101 says the GOVERNMENT will not infringe on free speech. A private corporation can dump you for making *** comments and that is their right.


You're the one who needs a class on the U.S. Constitution.

Macy's isn't a governmental agency, nor did it do anything to prevent Trump from saying whatever he wants. It's a private for-profit company, and it plainly has the right to refrain from doing business with individuals and companies that choose to publicly express their bigotry.


I don't see that Macy's is supporting illegals. I guess that is a matter of opinion.

Apparently it hasn't entered any of the whiners minds that maybe the reason Trump got dumped was because his products weren't selling well enough. There is also a very good possibility that keeping "motormouth" it would have hurt their business more than dumping him will.

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