I've read a couple of rather negative reviews about working here, and while I agree in many of their points, the reviews I've read didn't really touch on other points. I have read a couple positive ones, and I feel like those weren't completely relatable to either, sounding much more like showing off, or just plain fake.

I wouldn't say my review is neutral? Just less biased? Not sure. Let's see, I work Part Time, I used to be a Flex employee. I feel like I'm generally liked where I work.

I don't open many Credit Cards, at the most 1 every two or three weeks. Some employees do seem to push these things upon people, personally I like to explain to the customer before hand that they can say no, but that it is nice to know how and if they can benefit them. But if they're making a 5 dollar purchase I don't really explain it to them. It's true that most of the people I ring up already have a Macy's card. Some of my coworkers do often open up accounts as 'Star Rewards' without letting the customer know that it is a credit card, other employees know it, the managers know it, they do receive a warning I believe but they don't really look into it after that. What I do is emphasize to customers that it is indeed a credit card, in case anyone else offers it to them, some people are buying houses and cars and they can't apply for credit cards.

A lot of everything does revolve around the Credit Card, that I do agree on, but you will not get fired for not opening them. They don't bring it up during your annual review, and they do not base whether you get a raise round it. I believe they are not allowed to. It is true that it does cause bias on the sales floors, especially the managers, corporate is very strict about those things with them, and awards them greatly when they do well.

Management I feel could be worse, they're nice to your face even if you can tell they aren't exactly pleased with you. They're rather disorganized (sometimes one will tell me to do something, and someone else will tell me to do the complete opposite of what ever the first one told me to do), but they are helpful in many things, and they are approachable (some more than others). I like to believe that I'm on their good side, despite the fact that I don't open many accounts, it really is by default as, I am related to one of their 'Star Employees'. Which isn't really fair but it's not ever going to be fair, and all due honestly the treatment to them isn't that much different. Yeah they might like you more because you open more accounts, but deep down they know you're a terrible person for all the guiltless tactics you use to open said accounts. That being said, not all 'Star Employees' are terrible people, just a good chunk of them.

The employees, well it depends on the type. There are employees like myself, tend to be part time, who are chill, friendly, helpful, not super anal about Sales Goals, or getting a Card, etc. Then there are the Full Timers, who are very competitive, think they own the department, and tend to be, not less friendly, but more fake in their friendliness. I found that the best way to deal with them is to go along with it, be friendly, back off whenever they are in their rampages. Most of the time you won't see them anyway because...

We are always incredibly understaffed. You will see your fellow coworkers during weekends that's it. I'm a closer, so most nights I am by myself on one floor with one other employee, but it is the same thing when I open. You can be by yourself in 2-3 departments. The managers do tell you to 'call for help' but it's often too overwhelming to step aside and use the phone, and they hardly answer the phone, because they are usually (again unless it's the weekend) one manager running the whole store.

The hours are reasonable, depending on what you're looking for. I go to school full time so I feel like what I do get is alright. Like many have mentioned, it is like a shark pool to pick up hours, but if you ask many times managers have extra hours, you can perhaps stay a bit over, or come in early. I have no complaints about the hours.

Also our 'problem solving' system is a joke, the managers recognize a problem they ignore it even if they say they'll look into it. But no one really uses it anymore, they just kinda *** about the problem and let it be.

Loss Prevention is very exaggerated, I do feel like they're so caught up trying to bust the employees for something that doesn't exist, that many more customers get away with it. They are indeed suspicious of everything, but they have yet to bother me, my aunt was once interrogated, and she said it was the most frightening thing in the world. I also know of a couple managers who have been fired for not passing their 'interrogation', and I'm pretty positive they weren't stealing from Macy's.

My biggest complain right now would be the new My Client System they are pushing on us. It's like a phone book for your regular clients, which doesn't sound too bad, except that we don't actually use it for our regular clients. Half the time employees won't even tell the customer that they're putting them in there, they just ask for a phone number, name and zip code. What we're supposed to do with the information is call and check up with the customer but we are far too busy to do that (my aunt has about 200 people on her list), and I feel like it's really more harassment.

Overall, it's not too bad to work here though. I read some people say that they would work at Walmart over Macy's, but Walmart is far worse, I guess it depends where you work, but they don't treat their employees well at all, but I guess at the same time, it's not really expected of them. I would seriously consider McDonalds over Walmart. Here we get above minimum wage (altho recently I discovered that it depends on how well you interview), regular breaks, half-full hour lunches, every now an then they'll treat the entire staff to lunch, and it's a generally good atmosphere, it can be an incredibly fake feeling atmosphere, but I'm not planning to be here for the rest of my life so tolerable. Granted I was working on a production line before this so even McDonalds would be an upgrade, although I would probably still take the production line over Walmart.

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I loved working with my co workers..... That was the only good thing about working at Macy's...... And the discount!!!!!


I have read your 'defense' of Macy's, and am curious as to what state you work in for Macy's. I have worked for them in 3 states, and found 1 of those states (Florida) to be horrible!!

Something I did notice was the Florida stores are a separate company, and are one of the few that pay their sales people on a commission basis. I worked as support in all 3 locations, so I did not experience the intense push from managers for credit cards.

to BGM #850161

I dont know how I feel about sharing the state I live in but I will tell you I live in a very religious town and quite a bit of my coworkers are pretty religious. Whats it like to work on the support team, I've always been curious? They always look like they're pretty chilled, with the exception the week befor inventory.

to BGM #873133

Florida Macy's are not a separate company. All Macy's are owned by Macy's Co.

Please don't pass on false information.

Yes, Florida is the only state where almost all employees are commission based, but that has to do with the laws in Florida. Florida is a "right to work" state, which are horrible states to work in for employees.

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