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I purchased a "Worry No More Warranty" (7 year) on a complete sofa set and ottoman.The cushions tore on the back where the backing met leather and when I called in to report it and get service, they refused to honor this warranty since it needed to be reported within 10 days of noticing the tear (I had noticed the tears about a year previously and just hadn't gotten around to reporting it since it was on the back of the cushions).

They were incredibly rude with me and said that I just needed to read the fine print of the "legally binding" warranty. I was never told when I bought the sofa and warranty that there was such a small window of time to report an issue. This is such a rip off! They spent an hour on the phone with me getting the details of the issue before telling me that it wouldn't be covered (asking for exactly where the tears were).

Obviously they knew it wouldn't be covered but were just documenting the details for the future. Macy's has just lost a good customer.

I will never walk into their store again!What a major customer service scam!

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Had purchased furniture when I was 8 months pregnant, my then husband filled out the paperwork.I paid for the service on my credit card.

Since the purchase we have divorced, but the couch has remained in the same location as its original delivery.

Worry No More will not cover the broken motor because my ex does not live in this residence any longer.Worry No More states they can not fix the motor because the couch transferred ownership in the divorce and hence the contract is voided.

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Worry no more is a scam by Macy's .Even if you file a claim on time they deny it.

A waist of money.I will never buy anything from Macy's


Just got denied for stains that even the company they sent to clean agreed did not come out!!Now they say this is "soiling"!

The scam continues...DO NOT waste your money.

You will "Worry Lots More" because you have been ripped off!Macys is crazy to continue to offer this service as it reflects so poorly on them!!


Just wanted to say thanks for posting. I have yet to see one good review for the NMW warranty. My furniture just came and I absolutely love it, but I will save my $ and skip the warranty.


Such a scam!!When I purchased my table they specifically said it covered scratches on the table..well fast forward a year scratches on the table and they are refusing to cover it.

I even remember the lady said if your child happens to scratch the table with metal eraser even that happening that it would be covered but nope worry no more denied my claim. So what do they really cover then????

SCAM!Waste of money!


We need a lawsuit enough is enough too many of us getting ripped off it'll continue if we don't do anything




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I totally agree with all the negative comments regarding Worry No More. I have stopped shopping a Macys because of the connection with WorryNoMore.


Worry no more is a SCAM!!!! SHAME on Macys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I purchased the WNM warranty.....DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!

It is a scam, just as others have posted. Had tears in the seams if a leather sofa. When I called, they said it was normal wear and tear. My manufacturer's warranty expired so it is not covered.

When I called about a different hole, and told them my son accidentally punctured it , this time they said I waited too long to file the claim. The warranty cost $288 and is a joke! Take your money and save it for hiring somebody if a repair is needed. Oh, BTW, the $1500 sofa is a piece of *** too.

I now have 4 holes in the sofa just from my son sitting on it.Oh, as others have posted, the woman was very rude!

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