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I have had Macy's credit card for over 10 years. But in the last 2 weeks Macy's customer service has really outdone itself.

I tried to place an order online, and I noticed that my credit card was cancelled. I called in, and yes they have cancelled by credit card. Someone mistakenly has updated my income or I don't know what and so they cancelled it. I tried to have it reopened and I was told no by the first person, that they could not reopen it at this time. I told the representative that somehow my account was in tact and everything was fine up until that day but all of a sudden I could not hold a credit card there, she simply replied "Uhum." So I was transferred to someone else, she said that I could reopen it but I had to pay off the balance first. At this point I was really upset. Finally reaching a supervisor, she looked into it apologized and fixed it. Not only opening and closing credit cards is not good for your credit, but before reaching her, the service I got and the things representatives told me were just insane. I can't believe that they can actually give some of the responses they gave.

In the next few days after that, I have placed an order for a $500 e-gift card. They kept canceling the order, it took 5 times to have the transaction go through. First time someone called to verify the card and information so I did, but then the order kept getting cancelled nonetheless. By the fifth time I asked how many takes does it take to verify a card, (maybe by the 10th time it would work). The agents working there are very disorganized and rude, I mean really 5 times to verify a card, I had to speak with a supervisor to finally complete the order. The reason I finally asked for a supervisor, despite me calling for the 5th time, was because the agent told me "your order was cancelled because we could not verify the information" I told him that Macy's already called me 4 times to verify and I did, so he then placed me on hold, and when he came back he said "sorry, but we cannot complete this order, the item is no longer in stock" Yes, he really said that, I asked how do you run out of e-gift cards, he once again told me "sorry, but the order cannot be completed at this time. This is when I spoke to the supervisor, and finally the gift card was sent. Also, they kept re-running the card, which I ended up with a -$1,500.00 in my bank account for few days before I received the credit back.

To finish off my horrific experience, one week after those two incidents I have placed an order for an engagement ring that a family member wanted to propose with. This ring was on sale for over $2,000 and was not available in the stores. Then I received an email confirming the order and shipping. When the item finally arrived it was a completely and I mean COMPLETELY different ring. Instead of halo round cut diamond, I have received a ring with three solitaires. I called in of course, even though I knew it would not do any good, and explained what had happened. You would think that workers dealing with this type of merchandise would be trained and know more or less what they are doing, but no. How do you send someone a completely different item, especially when it is not cheap. The representative told me "sorry for the inconvenience" that they would investigate, but that the item was no longer available and that I could only get my money back at that point. So I took the ring back to the store, (being afraid to send it by mail and have them say that they never received it). I showed the woman working there the online order and asked her to find it, when she typed in the number she said that the ring I received comes up, and I need to provide her with the right number for her to find the ring I ordered. I mean really?! That is the number you have listed online, clearly that is the problem in the first place. How the *** can I find or give her a different number. So basically they have false representation of stock listed online, the numbers do not match the items. And of course I received no further assistance. When I called back to follow up on that "claim that they assured me they would open and investigate" there was no record of it. And when I tried to pay my bill online, I noticed my credit card was closed AGAIN, so yes I called back and they told me I had requested to have it closed...

At that point I just kept it closed, and will never deal with this horrific, unprofessional, scam of a company called Macy's.

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Um, honestly it sounds like someone has your information, being able to open and close an account like that. also, if your account was just opened, you would not have been able to just purchase a 2000 dollar ring on macys.com just like that, you would have had to go through credit first (as is the policy with ALL FINE JEWELRY). so this story is swiss cheese...too many holes in it.

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